Morgan Spurlock, director of documentaries like ‘Super Size Me’, dies – El Diario NY

Morgan Spurlock, director of documentaries like ‘Super Size Me’, dies – El Diario NY


They just confirm the death of documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlockthe news was given through a press release. The statement clarifies that Spurlock passed away on Thursday, May 23 in New York, surrounded by his family, but they decided to report it a day later.

Spurlock was 53 years old and his death was due to complications from a cancer he suffered from.

The statement shares statements from Craig Spurlock, sister of the documentary filmmaker. She says: “It was a sad day because we said goodbye to my brother Morgan. Morgan gave so much through his art, ideas and generosity. The world has lost a true creative genius and a special man. “I am very proud to have worked alongside him.”

Spurlock is known for the hit documentary ‘Super Size Me’published in 2004 and which even earned him an Oscar nomination.

‘Super Size Me’ caught everyone’s attention because the documentary filmmaker He recorded himself for a whole month eating alone at McDonald’sin this way he showed what fast food does to everyone’s body. In the documentary she showed how it was affecting her weight and his health.

Although ‘Super Size Me’ is Spurlock’s most popular work, the truth is that During the last 13 years he worked on many other projects with his production company Warrior Poets.. The production company has at least 70 projects between documentaries and television series.

Spurlock’s intention with his work was to address controversial topics, such as the United States-Afghanistan war.

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