“My most difficult fight was against drugs”: Óscar de la Hoya is honest about his addictions

Óscar de la Hoya, a retired boxer, is now dedicated to promoting fights.

Óscar de la Hoya, a retired boxer, is now dedicated to promoting fights.

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Just as he reached the top with boxing, the Mexican Óscar de la Hoya was involved in the twilight of his career in drug addiction and the excesses.

Such was his addiction to alcohol and cocaine that had suicidal thoughts before entering a clinic where he began his recovery treatment, motivated by his family: “On one of those nights when I was drunk, I asked myself: ‘Is it worth living?'”, assured in 2019.

In conversation with the also retired boxer Erick ‘Terrible’ Morales, the still called ‘Golden Boy’ said that throughout his life he has had to face different giants, but the hardest so far has been his drug addictionwhich could have left him out of his promoter.

“I started hanging out with bad people, I found drugs, my life was going downhill (…) it cost me a lot of time. My hardest fight was against drugs.

Oscar de la hoya

on the podcast One More RoundDe la Hoya explained what motivated him to take illegal substances after retiring from the sport: loneliness.

“When I retired I felt that something of me left, my soul, I don’t know. I always felt empty, alone. Boxing was my love (…) she thought that if he didn’t have boxing he had nothing“, he admitted.

Oscar de la Hoya could have lost Golden Boy Promotions

With all his experience of more than 20 years in lawsuits, De la Hoya founded the promoter Golden Boy Promotions in 2002, eight years before he retired from boxing. One of his partners Richard Schaefer apparently tried to take the company away from him for very little moneyOscar assures.

The retired boxer assured Terrible Morales that it was his wife who made him see reason so that he entered a rehabilitation clinic. Spent a day in that place, and after the effects of the drugs that he was prescribed that he had him heavily doped, Schaefer visited him with some documents that he wanted to be signed.

“He told me that boxing was not my thing, that I should think about my family and leave it. That there was a buyer of the company for $100 million. At that time I was almost dead, like a zombie, I couldn’t think straight and I was going to sign,” says De la Hoya.

But when he was ready to sign, he stopped and told his partner that he wanted those papers to be reviewed by his legal team, to which the latter did not react in the best way.

After his lawyers reviewed the documents, they told him that I was only going to receive $3 million from the salesomething that the American -of Mexican parents- considered an insult.

Finally the relationship broke down and Schaefer left Golden Boy Promotions in 2014 with several of the boxing talents that were in the promotion.

In the interview De la Hoya also talked about his rivalry against “The Great Mexican Champion” Julio César Chávezwhom he faced twice in the 90’s.

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