Nashville preschool teacher accused of threatening colleague with firearm – La Opinion

Nashville preschool teacher accused of threatening colleague with firearm – La Opinion

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The police reported that A preschool teacher from Nashville, Tennessee, was accused of bringing a firearm to school and threatening one of her colleagues.

Sheneca Cowart, 29, is charged with assault, threat of mass violence and two counts of carrying a weapon on school property, according to Nashville police.

Witnesses said Cowart threatened a teacher and The Academy of McCrory Lane preschool, located on Newsome Station Road, after an apparent argument, according to law enforcement reports cited by Fox News.

Rapid School Safety Team officers arrested Cowart on Thursday and They recovered one firearm from Cowart’s purse and a second firearm in the driver’s side door of her vehicle.

Cowart is being held on $37,000 bail, police said.

Cowart’s arrest came a week after Republican state lawmakers introduced a proposal that would allow some teachers to carry firearms in public schools.

The Republican-controlled Senate voted 26-5 to pass Senate Bill 1325, which allows a teacher or faculty member who meets certain requirements to possess and carry a gun or firearm on school grounds.

To carry a firearm, they must have a firearms carry permit, written authorization from both the school principal and local police, and undergo 40 hours of firearms training. The worker should also not be prohibited from purchasing, possessing, and carrying a gun under Tennessee law or federal law, as determined by a background check.

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