Natalia Jiménez clarifies what is happening with her health: “No one knows everything we have to undergo” – El Diario NY

Natalia Jiménez clarifies what is happening with her health: “No one knows everything we have to undergo” – El Diario NY

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Natalia Jiménez a few weeks ago was affected by health problems that forced her to rest. However, in recent days some fake news began to leak and recorded a video to clarify what was happening.

“The life of a singer is not easy, Nobody knows everything we have to put ourselves through sometimes. The care, illnesses and everything we have to overcome to be on stage doing what we love so much,” was part of the message he wrote for his fans.

Don’t believe everything you read. Here I explain everything. If you have any questions, we will see you this Saturday in a beautiful surprise that I have prepared for you in CDMX and on Sunday in Manzanillo to continue enjoying together,” was the message that accompanied the publication on Instagram.

What was Natalia Jiménez diagnosed with?

I got pharyngitis, otitis and everything that ends in itis, about three weeks ago. He has recommended that I stay at home, so I am here in my little house, as you can see I am here very, very calm, but I am here at home recovering, everyone calm down, I am very well within what is possible,” he explained about what he is going through.

Natalia could not say goodbye to her fans without first adding that: “I have limited physical activity and so on but don’t worry. This Saturday and Sunday they will be seeing me. On Saturday I will give a surprise in Mexico City and on Sunday I will be in Manzanillo.”

Internet users speak out for Natalia Jiménez’s statement

Given the concern of his followers, Natalia shared a video where she assured that she was fine and that she would take the rest of the week to recover. completely. He thanked his fans for their support and understanding, and assured that he would soon be back on stage.

“The most important thing is that you are recovering and you are calm at home,” “There are media outlets that write anything to get views, but the most important thing is that you are recovering”, “Prompt recovery! Daddy, God take care of you! Greetings from Puerto Rico! Come back soon”, “Rest, enjoy your home and get well soon beautiful queen”, “For a moment we were scared! “It’s good that you’re fine,” were some of the reactions recorded in the post.

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