Natti Natasha and her family caught COVID-19

Natti Natasha and her family caught COVID-19

The family of Natti Natasha He is not going through his best moment, due to the fact that they were infected with COVID-19.

The artist made the announcement through her Instagram account and explained that both her husband and daughter contracted the virus.

“We responsibly want to notify you that Natalia Gutiérrez, Rafael Pina, Antonio Pina and Mia Pina tested positive for covid-19,” he wrote.

He also reported that his daughter Vida and Rafael, son of the music producer, also contracted the virus and are already undergoing the corresponding treatments.

“Please those people who have been close to us in the past 48 hours, we ask them to take the test and isolate themselves in quarantine,” warned Natti Natasha.

Lastly, they wrote: “The covid pandemic can touch anyone so do not lower your guard, protect yourself and get your booster vaccine. We want them. Pina Gutiérrez Family ”.

Controversy of Natti Natasha’s husband

There is currently a judicial investigation against the music entrepreneur due to the illegal possession of firearms.

His case has been followed by the press in the last week, because Natti Natasha’s partner will have to comply with house arrest, wear a shackle and will only be able to leave his home for “medical and religious matters and appear in court.”

This measure will be at least until April 1, when he faces the American justice.

Pina could receive up to 20 years in prison; that is, 10 years for each of the crimes for which he is accused. However, his lawyers have decided to appeal the judge’s decision and ruled that he will continue to defend his innocence.

The famous one has ruled on what happened to ensure that he is innocent. “They accused me of two pistols, okay, I defended myself and lost the first battle, but I will continue, I will appeal, I will find a way to continue defending myself”, he pointed.

The day the decision against him was known, he indicated: “I have already arrived at my house and first of all I wanted to thank you for the prayer circles, for showing me that affection, that affection … All my life I have had trials that I have overcome them with courage, with passion, with strength”.

He also explained that for years he has been investigated “as if he were a drug trafficker, a money launderer, as if he had a bargain or transported drugs from country to country, by plane, in suitcases,” however, he stressed that he had nothing to hide and that there is no evidence against him. Meanwhile, the defense of Raphy Pina spoke about this situation. “We are confident that we have preserved some worthy legal issues for a possible appeal, if necessary,” said María Dominguez, his lawyer.


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