Natti Natasha overflows her sensuality from a luxurious private plane

Natti Natasha overflows her sensuality from a luxurious private plane

Natti Natasha knows how to show off her curves.

Natti Natasha knows how to show off her curves.

Photo: Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Natti Natasha He published three photos through his Instagram account and turned that social network on with his waste of sensuality. The Dominican reggaeton singer posed from a private plane with a corset in military green tones that highlighted the upper part of her body, jean shorts and reading glasses, accompanied by some chains and earrings.

The Dominican posed sitting, standing and lying on the luxurious white furniture, which harmonizes with all the decoration of the private aircraft that took her to Mexico. His straight black hair stood out against the leather of the seats.

The Dominican singer frequently boasts of her sensuality with the images she publishes through her Instagram account. A couple of weeks ago she was asked if she was unfaithful to Raphy Pina, his partner who is currently serving a 41-month prison sentence for illegal possession of firearms.

“Who the fuck… now that my husband is…? With nobody because I’m not like you. I am with my husband because I love him and respect him. People like you can’t judge, thief judges by his condition. It shows that they have hit your little horn, that you are hurt… That is bad when they hit you with horns. They have been unfaithful to me before, but that is why I cannot think that everyone is cheated on, but I understand your pain, ”said Natti Natasha through a live, where they asked the controversial question.

Natti Natasha also told the person who asked that question that she would pray for him. “I am going to pray for you so that they stop cuckolding you. You have to pray for Marcos so that they don’t cheat on him”, highlighted the Dominican.

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