Netflix and the hidden series that the algorithm does not teach you

Netflix and the hidden series that the algorithm does not teach you

Netflix and the hidden series that the algorithm does not teach you

Netflix and the hidden series that the algorithm does not teach you

Today we will introduce you to some series what can you find inside Catalogue from Netflix, but it doesn鈥檛 show you the algorithmso if you have time to spare and want to see something new, keep reading so you don鈥檛 miss them.

That鈥檚 right, among the thousands of productions available on the entertainment platform, some valuable proposals escape the logic of their recommendations personalized.

The truth is that on many occasions we think that we have absolutely nothing to do or at the end of a series you don鈥檛 know what else to watch.

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In this way, everyone who has ever seen a series, talked about it or commented on something about it on any social network knows that these three sentences are repeated as the mantra of the disoriented viewer.

Beyond the content that the platform streaming considered successful and popular, it is usual to arrive at the existential emptiness of what to see later.

In its formula there are more than two thousand segmented interest groups that help to prepare the menu that its subscribers find when they enter the platform to guide them among the thousands of programs and movies available.

However, if viewers decide what to watch mostly based on the platform鈥檚 recommendations, that means there will inevitably be valuable series that will pass them by, leading to that unpleasant feeling that 鈥渢here is nothing to watch鈥.

So without further ado, here is the list of series that they do not find so easy on the Netflix platform:


how the raven flies

This eight-episode Turkish miniseries takes the spirit of the classic film The Evil One with Bette Davies and Anne Baxter and transfers it to today鈥檚 world where social media makes Asli鈥檚 (Miray Daner) job much easier, a young journalism student who manages to infiltrate the life of Lale (Birce Akalay), one of the most respected and popular TV presenters in her country.

Through subterfuge, half truths and complete lies, the girl sows chaos in the professional and personal life of her supposed idol.


they don鈥檛 know me

In the tradition of British police, this miniseries narrates the circumstances that led to a violent death with superlative visual and acting skills.

Although, unlike so many other fictions of its type and origin, this one offers a new and cross-cutting look at the victim and her alleged ass3sor.

It all begins with the closing argument of the prosecutor in the trial that seeks to convict Hero (Samuel Adewunmi) for the murder of Jamil (Roger Jean Nsengiyumva).


Native land

Under the guise of a family story with shades of black comedy, this Belgian series also tells the story of Muslim immigrants in that country and more precisely of those who arrived from Morocco whose tradition indicates that upon their death they must be repatriated to be buried in their native land.

A cultural custom that Ismael, the youngest son of the Boulasmoum family, has abhorred since childhood when his father ignored his dying mother鈥檚 request to be buried in Belgium near her children and sent her body to Morocco.


Oats Studio

South African director Neil Blomkamp (Sector 9) created this anthology series of ten episodes or short films collected under the bloodiest sci-fi horror genre.

Visual and narrative experimentation does not usually have much space in the world of current streaming and for that alone it would be worth entering these apocalyptic stories.

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