New Jersey teacher accused of inappropriately touching 13-year-old student – La Opinion

New Jersey teacher accused of inappropriately touching 13-year-old student – La Opinion

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New Jersey high school teacher accused of inappropriately touching 13-year-old studentsparking outrage and bomb threats at the school.

The teacher, Jenna Sciabica, 38, was suspended from Marlboro Memorial High School and She is charged with one count of harassment.

His lawyer, Mitchell Ansell, said in a statement cited by the New York Post that the allegations are “outrageous and defamatory” and noted that Sciabica strenuously denies any wrongdoing.

The alleged victim’s mother addressed the Marlboro Board of Education during its Tuesday meeting, where she called Sciabica a “predator” who “sexually abused” her daughter inside the school.

The alleged incident occurred on March 13. The girl’s mother claims the crime was witnessed by another staff member and captured on school security cameras.

The woman complained that her daughter had to return to her alleged attacker’s classroom after the incident, which caused her more torment. Additionally, she chided the board for not firing Sciabica, whose appointment follows a month-long investigation by local police.

Ansell said his client “has been dedicated to the education of students for over 15 years” and “has never had any prior allegations and/or accusations filed against him and has an exemplary record.”

The attorney’s statement maintains that “Jenna and the student in question have known each other for 3 years” and that “Jenna has a very close relationship with this student’s family, even having been invited to his home on numerous occasions.”

Sciabica plans to plead not guilty to the chargehe added.

“There was absolutely nothing illegal, inappropriate or immoral about the interaction between Jenna and this student on March 13, 2024. Unfortunately, as a result of these false and unfounded accusations, Jenna and her family have been the victims of bomb and death threats “said the lawyer in the statement.

Ansell hopes that Sciabica will be completely exonerated at trial.

On Thursday, someone called the school and said there was a bomb at the high school. A search of the building turned up nothing. Another bomb threat was received on Friday.

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