New York launches EMPLOYMENT for people with high school with a salary of $28 per hour

New York launches EMPLOYMENT for people with high school with a salary of $28 per hour


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Getting a job in one of the most important capitals in the world is not an easy task when we have a limited degree of education, but with your School certificate you will be able to access this job vacancies in NY for which you could have a salary of up to 28 dollars per hourand below we will tell you what it is about and how you can apply for this great opportunity.

It is important to mention that due to different circumstances, the studies They become somewhat limited for some people, either by taste or even by opportunity, since according to statistics only 38% of the world’s population obtains university enrollment, but fortunately, many companies They give different options for those individuals that only have School certificate and the one we are going to present to you now is one of the best you can face.

Through the portal, in The big Apple, We are looking for a person to fulfill the position of Event Coordinator for The William Vale Hotel, and the best of all is that the selected person may have a salary of up to 28 dollars per hour and you don’t need stadium certificate beyond those of preparatoryso below we will tell you what your activities would be to do if you were one of the lucky ones at this time. job position in one of the most important metropolises in the world.

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According to the aforementioned portal, the person who is selected for the position must have one ease of speech and good communication levelssince the main thing about this job is great interaction with the client before any event, both on the day or those that are already scheduled, since the client directs each of the aspects that range from the assembly to the breakdown of everything that can carry

What do I need to work in New York for $28 an hour?

For the person who is interested, it is an important job opportunity, You should know that among your main responsibilities are some such as: customer service; responsible for managing all aspects of coordination; coordinate and execute all operational and logistical details between the client and other departments such as food, beverage, catering and more.

Among the main benefits offered to the person who becomes this employment vacancy in NY includes: full-time medical, dental and vision care, as well as a 401(k), short-term disability, life insurance, paid time off, employee meal discounts, BRI traveler benefits, and referral rewards program , so this could become your great opportunity.

To be considered for this employment in New Yorkthe applicant must make a Curriculum vitae in which you make a brief explanation of your skills and work experiences above, since for this position you do not need to have studies beyond preparatory; However, you must have a high sense of responsibility and be a highly developed multitasking person in the field of Customer Support.


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