New York launches EMPLOYMENT for those who speak Spanish: earn up to $34 per hour

New York launches EMPLOYMENT for those who speak Spanish: earn up to $34 per hour

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For all those Latinos who are reviewing job vacancies in NYthis Metlang opportunity to be a Spanish Linguistic Analyst will surely “fill your eyes” with all the benefits it entails. And this world-renowned translation and interpretation company needs a bilingual person on its team who is capable of receiving information in Spanish, and who, in turn, documents it accurately in English for various purposes. In this position, you could earn up to $34.11 per hour, or $564 per week (around 9,421 Mexican pesos.) Check out the requirements What you must fill out:

Requirements for employment in NY that requests people who speak Spanish

  • Ability to summarize and translate both audio and text (from Spanish to English and vice versa), including various slang and colloquialisms. All in real time.
  • Demonstrate previous experience in interpretation and/or translation in a professional environment
  • Properly prioritize tasks, always demonstrating attention to detail and great organizational skills
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office, social media, and bilingual text messaging terminology today
  • Typing ability exceeding 40 words per minute
  • Able to adapt to environment under pressure as well as function cohesively in a team environment
  • Availability to work rotating hours
  • Pass the bilingual writing, reading, listening comprehension and oral expression tests
  • Availability to work full time locally and travel outside occasionally
  • Pass a background investigation

Features for jobs in NY that pay more than $34 an hour

To have the opportunity to earn 34.11 dollars an hour (almost 570 Mexican pesos) in this employment of NYthe company details a series of functions that will not be anything special for those who are bilingual and accustomed to daily office work. For now, it is possible to apply for employment through the employment portal. SimplyHiredbut first, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the expected functions:

  • Monitor specific conversations to listen to or read communications in Spanish, and then write summaries in English
  • Transcribe, translate, and interpret bilingually; always with clear purposes for each task.
  • Examine methodically and in detail the constitution of information for purposes of explanation and interpretation
  • Detect phrases that are considered too colloquial and interpret them into English with the appropriate context.
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