Neymar is drunk, he doesn’t train and he’s fat: the French press assures that the Brazilian is leaving PSG

Neymar has had a very low level of play with PSG this season.

Neymar has had a very low level of play with PSG this season.

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Tense atmosphere at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). After the failure in the UEFA Champions League (UCL) due to the elimination at the hands of Real Madrid, the fans He has pointed out the culprits of the disaster and one of those is the striker Neymar.

But the hardest is yet to come. The French press has been revealing in recent hours details inside the PSG locker room that may not be liked by their fans or the owners of the club.

Journalist Daniel Rivero pointed at the chain RMC Sports that the owner of the 10 shirt of the Parisians is a undisciplined person who constantly goes out at nightdoes not train properly and that makes him, in addition to being in a non-optimal physical state for sports, overweight.

“Neymar hardly trains anymore, he arrives in a pitiful state, on the verge of being drunk (…) there is a total break with the club and the locker room”

The nightlife of the Brazilian star is not a novelty. Since his arrival at the multimillionaire club in 2017, he has always been constant at parties and long permits to leave the country for events, whether in Brazil or Spain. His permits are already known on February dates to enjoy the famous Rio Carnival.

In the television conversation, Riolo also revealed that the bulk of PSG fans, who pay for the season ticket or tickets to see the team, want the Brazilian to leave now:

“PSG fans don’t give a shit about Neymar’s antics or his Netflix documentary. We have to sign his check and let him go. He is doing a lot of damage to the club. Let him go, he is ruining PSG”, assured the communication professional.

So far this season he has only scored 5 goals and distributed the same number of assists in 21 commitments where you have been.

Neymar, the best paid in France

At the same time that Daniel Riolo made these revelations, the newspaper The Team published which are the highest salaries in French football, and Neymar’s appears at the top of that table.

By season, Ney earns 48.9 million euros ($54 million approximately)followed by Lionel Messi who receives 40.5.

The impressive thing is that the first 14 places are occupied by PSG players, you would have to go down to step 15 to get a different element: AS Monaco striker Wissam Ben Yedder.

Faced with this situation, the new millionaire of European football Newcastle United would have an offer ready for the end of the season to get the services of the Brazilian.

According to The Sun newspaper, the ‘Magpies’ would have no problem paying the more than $700,000 that Neymar earns weekly, much less buying his record from PSG.

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