Nicandro Díaz’s children attack their father’s girlfriend for this CREEPY reason

Nicandro Díaz’s children attack their father’s girlfriend for this CREEPY reason



What began as a well-deserved vacation ended in tragedy, since it was last March 18 when the sudden death of the producer of soap operas, Nicandro Diaz, who lost his life in Cozumel, Quintana Roo, after a spectacular motorcycle accident, but apparently things are very bad in the family because the children from the creator Nicandro Díaz Jr., Sebastián Díaz and Victoria Díaz they go with everything against the his father’s girlfriend; what has happened?

And a couple of days ago, the couple was in the middle of a vacation when the creator of great melodramas such as ‘True Loves’ and ‘Hasta el fin del mundo’, suffered a terrible accident that cost him his life, and until now his partner, Mariana Robles, broke the silence about this death, stating that he does not remember the cause of the accident due to a possible state of shock, so the producer’s children They have pointed her out as a possible person responsible.

“My first image is having gone with him on the motorcycle, with my head resting on his back. I covered the wind and hugged him like that, because he was my man. We were going back to the ferry. Second act, I see myself standing asking for help, talking to him, screaming. Someone said the ambulance was coming. Then I had a blockage,” the 47-year-old woman commented in an interview with TVNotas.

What is the dispute between Nicandro Díaz’s children and Mariana Robles?

And these statements have only raised the fury of the children of Nicandro Díaz, who have asked not to confirm in the words of the his father’s partner, since apparently there are a series of disagreements about what had really happened at the time the content creator lost his life, and through his social networks They have asked to subject her to an exhaustive investigation into what really happened.

Different media outlets point out that the three children of Nicandro Díaz They would not be at all satisfied with the version that Mariana gave to the authorities, so they would have demanded that what happened be investigated further, since apparently it is very suspicious for them that she was in the same place. vehicle and that she was the only survivor, reasons why they do not trust what the woman said, who from her statements does not remember what really happened, and all this without mentioning that they assure that Cozumel it’s not a placer “so big” and vehicles do not have the possibility of going at high speeds.


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