Nicky Chávez says who he wants to win ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’ – El Diario NY

Nicky Chávez says who he wants to win ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’ – El Diario NY

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The content creator Nicky Chavezwho participated in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ in its third season, spoke of his favoritism for Maripily Rivera, a Puerto Rican actress who would like to win this edition of the reality show on the Telemundo television network.

In her account on

In the message, Nicky Chávez stated: “I don’t care what Maripily said about me hahahahaha I think I have spoken more badly about her than calling me a “harpy” I don’t know her in person, she followed me on Instagram months ago and I returned her the follow… I still want her to win and I won’t stop supporting her even though she is how loud and crazy she can be… Romeh and Aleska didn’t say anything so don’t put sauce on your tacos because everything slips away for me… It’s true, it’s known that I’m a gossip, why the hell would it offend me?

The opinions in more and more with this team.

This week, for example, with the group of nominees, he told the public who they think they should vote for: “Oh, no, vote for Paulo and let Patrina or Cristina come out.”

Before that message he had said: “Geraldine better come out, please.”

These types of opinions generally influence people, because seeing them as former participants may allow them to be guided by the experience of celebrities who have already been in the house.

In the case of Nicky Chávez, her season was not so beloved. However, her image improved, especially with her participation in the ‘Hoy Día Bailamos’ competition, in which she was the winner.

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