Nicolás, son of Erika Buenfil, shares photos with his father Ernesto Zedillo Jr. for the first time – El Diario NY

Nicolás, son of Erika Buenfil, shares photos with his father Ernesto Zedillo Jr. for the first time – El Diario NY

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Nicolás Buenfil, son of Erika Buenfilsurprised social media users by sharing for the first time some photos of the coexistence he had with his father, Ernesto Zedillo Jr.. and his half sister Isabellaas he showed in a publication he uploaded to his Instagram account this weekend.

The young TikToker shared several photographs on his Instagram stories, where he appears with his father enjoying what appears to be an afternoon of roast beefwithout Nicolás commenting on further details of the meeting.

In a later image, the actor also appears showing something on his cell phone to his father, who sees what his son brings to him.

However, in addition to the photographs with Ernesto Zedillo Jr., the son of the famous soap opera actress also posted a photograph posing with Isabella, daughter of Zedillo and Rebeca Sáenz, to whom he dedicated the expression “Lil sist” (younger sister) . In the comments box of the image, Erika Buenfil expressed herself with a heart emoticon.

The images of Nicolás have amazed his followers on the famous social network, since it is the first time that he has been seen living with his father.

It is worth mentioning that Nicolás had no contact with Ernesto Zedillo when he was a child due to Buenfil’s detachment; In any case, Zedillo used to send him gifts on special occasions, according to Univisión.

How was the relationship between Erika Buenfil and Ernesto Zedillo Jr.?

Erika Buenfil and Ernesto Zedillo Jr. began their romance when they met at the Baby’O club in Acapulco.

The actress herself has admitted that they did not have an immediate relationship, given that Zedillo is 12 years older than her. Before breaking up with her, Erika Buenfil told Zedillo about her pregnancy, although he did not respond in the most appropriate way.

The son of the former president of Mexico left for some time and looked for her until five months after the event, to find out about the circumstance.

Regardless of this, Erika and Ernesto do not have a terrible relationship, since Zedillo returned to look for Nicolás during the pandemic and little by little their relationship has gone to another level.

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