Nikke increases its “rikura” with new waifus dressed as bunnies

Nikke increases its “rikura” with new waifus dressed as bunnies

The Goddess of Victory: Nikke or also known as Nikke, is a gacha title which stands out for its large number of “waifus”, but in the last few hours they have presented the new girls who will be part of their staff, falling in love since they are two cute bunnies. But many were struck by how these have an even more “spicy” design than how they are normally known, and this was compared in their level of “rikura”, which has reached such levels that it is even very similar to Azur Laneanother gacha title where voluptuous girls are very common.

Alice and Soda present their bunny versions of Nikke with a high degree of “craving”

Through their social networksthe popular gacha-style video game The Goddess of Victory: Nikke presented what will be its most recent event soon to be released, which will be called “Golden Coin Rush” and which quickly made fans fall in love with it for being focused on the theme of Bunny-style girls, with two of them making their debut. In this case, those chosen were Alice and Sodawhich will get cute bunny outfits, but from the networks the fans were surprised by several details in their skins, mainly by the level of “rikura” of these.

And as you can see in all the publications that were made to present these girls, you can see how, following the same aesthetics of this type of outfits, it teaches us a lot about the “attributes” of both, especially Soda, which has a very interesting animation. In her same presentation, we see that the girl is wearing the classic corset that bunny girls normally use, but that due to her great “charms” this one stands out more, but what is striking are the physiques seen there, since it is even excessive.

This, although it was already a constant in Nikke showing beautiful girls, now apparently has increased considerably, so fans noticed this, beginning to compare what was done in this gacha with another game of the same nature, Azur Lane. And recently, this title launched several skins for its girls, which border on the H style, so Nikke followers felt that the increase in cuteness is due to Azur Lane opting to increase the attractiveness of its girls, so much so that they were sanctioned on Twitter/X.

Below is the official illustration where we can see Alice and Soda with their bunny versions of Nikke:

Nikke Alice Soda BunnyNikke Alice Soda Bunny

Furthermore, in the various comments from the same girls, users made different observations about these obvious changes that were made to show the “waifus” in a much more daring way, one that was repeated a lot being how both of them have a small accessory in the shape of a pink bear that is reminiscent of the private “toys” of some women. Although others also went the totally different route, and they commented that in the same way, they both have tennis shoes on their feet that cover that area, losing an audience that is fanatical about this type of aspects. Now we just have to wait to see if the levels will continue to increase or it was just because of the Bunny Girls event.

Nikke is a gacha-style video game in which players will become the “Commander” of a group of survivors who seek to recover the planet from beings known as “Raptures”, who are besieging it. Although it will not be an easy task, in order to achieve his goal, he will have under his command a group of girls known as “Nikkes” who, in addition to being beautiful “waifus” are prepared to fight in different battle scenarios. The Goddess of Victory: Nikke is available on iOS and Android mobile devices along with PC.



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