Ninel Conde boasts a heated selfie in front of the mirror modeling a white bikini

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Ninel Count again caused a stir within her social networks, where she welcomed the weekend showing off the beauty of her shapely silhouette with the help of a tiny swimsuit that she exposed in front of the mirror.

鈥淓l Bomb贸n assassin鈥 continues to prepare for his debut on the TelevisaUnivision program 鈥楾u cara me sonido鈥, where he will compete alongside other celebrities such as Sherlyn, Kika Edgar and Yahir; But before surprising with her talent as an actress and singer, she has also taken time to scandalize social networks, specifically her official Instagram account, where she appeared wearing her spectacular silhouette.

And it is that, stop in front of the mirror while wearing a tiny white bikinithe television star managed to capture a sensual selfie who was thanked by her more than 5 million followers.

You know that my fit routine is very important to me, and throughout this journey of taking care of myself I have learned MANY things鈥淗e pointed out at the bottom of the publication that it was liked by at least 48 thousand fans, who qualified it with a red heart as a sign of approval.

And although at 45 years old she still shows off an impressive figure, shortly before she bragged to the same fans how she looked 18 years ago when she was part of the cast of the telenovela 鈥楻ebelde鈥, an image in which she also appeared posing before the camera in a white bikini which allowed an accurate comparison of their anatomy to be made.

Of course, her loyal fans did not miss the opportunity to ensure that Ninel Conde continues to look as beautiful as she did at 27 years old.

I was checking some things and I found this gem, I want to show you this memory from a few days ago鈥, He sentenced at the bottom of the postcard that provoked the admiration of thousands of users.

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