Niño Dios goes viral for coming down from above in full mass [Video]

Niño Dios goes viral for coming down from above in full mass [Video]

A picture of the God child caught the attention of hundreds of Internet users, after half of the mass they lowered it from the top of a church so that the religious ceremony. One of those present documented this moment in a video and later it shared on the web, where it has been able to generate different reactions.

The events occurred in Colombia, in a temple located in the municipality of Saint Rose of Cabal, and according to the person who shared the recording, this was recorded during a mass that was held to celebrate the Christmas holidays, so those in charge of enclosure they thought it would be nice to carry out this ritual.

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However, the opinions that were generated in social media mostly they were mocking, however, also to certain users It didn’t seem like such a bad idea, on the other hand, there were people who took advantage of this space to do different critics. This material was shared on Twitter days ago, but recently managed to become trend.

How was the entrance of the Child God?

According to the video shared by Montoya Daniel, This happened on December 24 in the Parish of Saint Mary of Mount Carmel, at a mass celebrated to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, so the religious authorities thought they had to do something special.

For this reason, half of the sentences, from the top of the temple they lowered with a couple of ropes the figure of the God child, but not only that, since while it was descending, they put the cries of a newborn baby in the background.

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The image took a little longer to download 20 seconds, and in the end one of the priests took it, for his part, the believers began to applaud before this action. In this sense, the fact that it did not last more than half a minute has already circulated in different parts of the world.

“I do not get over the fact that this happened last night and in my town,” wrote the young man who shared the material. This is how the publication has managed to generate 2.7 million views and 16 thousand ‘likes’. These were some of comments.

“Mount Carmel always one step ahead in innovation, supposedly with live action of the birth”, “Apparently, less and less public attends the circus of the Nazarene and they must resort to these ‘spiritual manifestations’”, likewise, there were those who thought it was a real baby: “Where is that boy’s mother? Really, how is he going to let him live something like that?

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