Nissan delays the arrival of the Ariya for the second time due to the shortage of supplies

only 12 years ago, nissan launched the Leaf to the world and offered mass-produced electric cars. However, its second electric effort, the Nissan Ariya crossoverhas been in the works for a while, but has now been delayed a second time due to supply chain issues.

The Nissan Ariya would debut in 2021 initially

Initially, Ariya鈥檚 release was targeted for mid-2021but was delayed due to COVID-related manufacturing issues; then the Japanese launch of the car was rescheduled for the end of March 2022, but has now been moved to May 12 due to a 鈥済lobal shortage of semiconductors and other supply chain disruptions鈥. Sales in Europe are scheduled to start this summer, with sales in the US market starting this fall if all goes according to plan.

Nissan Ariya / Photo: Courtesy Nissan.

Nissan would cut the profit margin of the Ariya

The announcement of the delay comes on the heels of discussions over significant cuts in dealer margins on Ariya sales, as Nissan announced earlier in the week that it was considering selling the Ariya to dealers at an 8.5 percent markup. %, compared to a normal ICE vehicle with a rate of 11%. Nissan told dealers that the change in earnings would reflect research and development costs for the all-electric SUV.

Nissan Ariya / Photo: Nissan
Nissan Ariya / Photo: Courtesy Nissan.

Nissan once had the best-selling electric car

The launch of the Ariya is an important moment for Nissan. The Leaf, the company鈥檚 first EV introduced in 2011, was at the time one of the only commercially successful mass-produced, mass-market EVs since the dawn of the automobile. The Leaf was a huge success for the company, selling more than 577,000 units worldwide, with more than 165,000 of those cars sold in the United States. It was the best-selling plug-in electric car of all time until 2020, when Tesla鈥檚 Model 3 overtook it.

Nissan Leaf 2021
The 2021 Nissan Leaf is one of the most popular electric options in the United States.

The Ariya is the first of 15 new electric cars Nissan plans to launch

Nissan hopes to build on that success in the 2020s beginning with the Ariya, as the crossover is one of 15 new electric vehicles the company hopes to launch in the next decade. But the market has changed tremendously in the 11 years since the Leaf burst onto the scene; an EV is no longer a unique offering in a world where the Tesla Model 3 electric is the sixteenth best-selling car overall worldwide.

nissan ariya
Nissan Ariya. / Photo: Courtesy Nissan.

Only time, and sales charts, will tell if the Ariya can claim a claim in a much crowded market for electric cars when it finally makes its full debut to consumers.


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