Nissan Frontier ranks as the second best-selling midsize truck in the United States

You鈥檝e probably already noticed that there鈥檚 a new nissan frontier here. After 15 years of seeing virtually the same-looking trucks labeled 鈥渘ew鈥 by the automaker, we finally got a legitimately new Frontier for 2022. Drivers have shown their appreciation by buying them in the first quarter, pushing Nissan鈥檚 midsize pickup into second place in the market within its category, only behind the Toyota Tacoma.

Nissan Frontier 2022
Nissan Frontier 2022. / Photo: Courtesy Nissan.

Nissan Frontier: a stylish pickup and a powerful V6

To be clear, the Tacoma is still way ahead with 53,182 units sold in the US through March. Even then, that鈥檚 a 20% year-over-year decline, while Nissan experienced an increase of 107.8% to 22,405 Frontier units sold. People must like the new style of this Frontier and its 310-horsepower V6.

Which truck is in third place?

This means that the Chevy Colorado is stuck in third place as General Motors reported 21,693 sales of the trucka drop of 9.9%. Combined with the 6,160 GMC Canyons that reached customers in the first quarter, GM sold more midsize vehicles than Nissan, but it took two brands to do it. I mean, in terms of individual models, the Frontier wins this battle.

Frontier 2022 / Photo: Nissan

The Frontier also beats the Jeep Gladiator and Ford Ranger

Surprisingly, the Jeep Gladiator is a good distance into fourth place with 17,912 sold. Perhaps people are getting fed up with all too familiar market adjustments. Ford鈥檚 Ranger rounds out the top five with 17,639 sales to date. And yes, that鈥檚 less than the Maverick.

Nissan Frontier 2021
Nissan Frontier 2021. / Photo: Courtesy Nissan.

Not everything is good for Nissan

We鈥檒l have to see how this story unfolds over the next three quarters, but a strong start is certainly important for Nissan. Your truck sales Titan Full-size cars continue to drop, with a total of just 6,415 to date, so the car company must lean heavily on the Frontier. It appears poised to beat out the national bids in its turf, but the question remains, who can dethrone Toyota and the old Tacoma?


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