Niurka Marcos claims to be “blessed” after turning 55 and her fans congratulate her

Niurka Marcos claims to be “blessed” after turning 55 and her fans congratulate her

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Vedette Niurka Marcos turned 55 last Friday, November 25, and through her social networks she was excited to have one more reason to celebrate in life and, without a doubt, she wanted to share it with her followers.

Fans who have always supported her throughout her professional career felt the need to celebrate with her from a distance, as many were deeply moved by her saying such touching words on her birthday.

In turn, the actress also received hundreds of messages in the publications she made on Friday, because He was very happy to be able to continue celebrating for the good things that are happening in your life.

“Infinite thanks in this special 55th year of my life @imperiobbnius and to all my family so beautiful that so many privileges fill me every day with their details. I am blessed because all of you make me receive hundreds of blessings“He wrote in his camera profile.

Her followers congratulate her

Netizens took a few seconds to remind her that she is a physically “beautiful” woman, who has also shown that one of her passions has definitely been being able to maintain her figure in a healthy way, which has made her look so good at her age. right.

“Happy birthday, many more years to come and God continue to bless you”, “And you are still very rich my queen”, “Congratulations countrywoman”, “God bless and protect you always”, “Congratulations to your son too”, “Happy birthday, may God bless you”, “Bella alwaysCongratulations precious”, “Our successful Cuban is so beautiful”, “God bless you, Cuban. Enjoy it and don’t stop being the way you are”, “In what area of ​​Havana did you live?”, “I love you, Mama Niu”, “Nobody stops you, enjoy it”, “May life continue filling you with blessings”, “An empowered, warrior and beautiful woman”, were some of the expressions that were registered in one of the posts that she shared in her personal account.

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