Not even bicycle kicks saved Alfredo Adame!

Alfredo Adame again it鈥檚 a trend because he had a disagreement again in which, apparently, he could not use his knowledge in martial arts either, which he has boasted so much about on different occasions, even indicating that he is a black belt.

At noon on Tuesday, the actor was giving a press conferenceHowever, things got out of control when he tried to explain why the so-called 鈥渇ight of the century鈥 between him and Adame would not have happened.

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He assured that the fight had not happened because of what considered the 鈥渃razy requests鈥 by Carlos Trejo, among which he mentioned that the writer of 鈥淐a帽itas鈥 who has become known for his work on paranormal investigations, would have asked him for 3 million pesos to carry it out.

He added that Trejo asked to go into the ring 鈥渨ith his boots, with his knives, with his leather belt and his stinky vest.鈥

In the act, the also politician was questioned by one of the attendees who turned out to be Trejo鈥檚 lawyer, who claimed him: 鈥The clown who did not go to the fight was you, the one who quoted Carlos in a park was you and you were not.

After this, Adame couldn鈥檛 take it anymore and threw himself against the man who wore a black shirt with red sleeves, with such bad luck that first, his foot caught on a chair and he stumbled at the first push and in the second encounter, again being pushed fell on another chair and tried his already famous 鈥渂icycle鈥 blow that this time was useless.

Twitter users did not miss the opportunity to give their peculiar opinion about the fact, using funny memes for it.

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Let us remember that the rancor between Alfredo Adame and Carlos Trejo would have originated when a program in which he appeared Trejo had more audience than another in which Adame was a driver, after years of back and forth, they would have agreed to a fight that was called 鈥渢he fight of the century鈥 so that they even signed a contract, however, it did not take place, to the disappointment of those who have followed with interest the fickle career of the actor.

note published in Southern Journal

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