Not to believe! A Peruvian fan sold his engagement ring to be in Uruguay vs Peru

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A Peruvian fan had one of the most difficult love tests of all, where he had to decide whether to continue with his fiancee or show as much love as possible to his country鈥檚 teamhowever, decided to accompany Peru on Uruguay, rather than marry his girlfriend.

In one of the strangest events of all, a Peruvian fan was approached by the cameras of the Andean channel America newswhere he assured that he had to sell his partner鈥檚 engagement ring in order to be present at the match against the Uruguayan national teamcausing the fianc茅e to decide to break off the relationship.

The ticket for the game is $300 dollars plus hotel and airfare, but you know what I鈥檝e done, I was going to get married the other month, I had already bought the ring and my girlfriend found out, I told her that it鈥檚 better to postpone it, that she had I got a job at the mine and today he found out that I鈥檓 in Uruguay鈥淐ommented the Peruvian fan who did not identify himself.

Everything went wrong for the 鈥渇an in love鈥

The Peruvian fan added in the interview that in a moment of sincerity he sent a message to his partner alleging that the Qualifying match could not be postponed but the wedding could. 鈥It ended and the worst thing is that I had to tell him the truth, that we postponed the wedding because I had to sell the ring. If you鈥檙e watching me, the wedding can be postponed, but the party can鈥檛.鈥渃oncluded the fan.

Although this fan showed tremendous love for his country鈥檚 team, things did not go well for him, on the contrary, everything went very wrong because Uruguay defeated Peru and qualified for the Qatar World Cup 2022there was a controversial move that could be the Peruvian tie and the fan was left without a wedding ring and their love relationship also ended.

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