Obvious!  “Wakanda Forever” is the highest grossing film again

Obvious! “Wakanda Forever” is the highest grossing film again

“Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” rose as the favorite movie for the second consecutive week in theaters. It raised 67 million dollars during the weekend in the United States, reported EFE.

Although it is still in the lead, it moved away substantially from the figure achieved during its premiere: 180 million dollars. This is how the sequel to “Black Panther” decreased its collection by 63%. Globally the figure shoots up to 546 million. The forecasts are favorable for the upcoming weekend that will be a holiday in Uncle Sam’s land for Thanksgiving.

Paradoxically, the film “She Said”, which deals with the accusations of sexual abuse against Harvey Weinstein, did not perform well. In fact, it only made $2.3 million with a screening in just over two thousand theaters.

Likewise, “The Menu” debuted this past weekend, with Ralph Fiennes in the role of a chef. It grossed $9 million when shown in 3,100 theaters.

The surprise this weekend was a streaming series on the life of Jesus Christ. The first two episodes of the third season of “The Chosen” grossed $8.2 million in 2,009 theaters.

“Bones and All,” about a cannibalistic couple, opened in only five theaters. Despite being the last film of Luca Guadagnino it grossed $120,000, not bad given the low projection.

Elegance Bratton’s autobiographical drama “The Inspection,” about the experience of a gay soldier, opened in five theaters in New York and Los Angeles. It made an average of $13,188 per screen.

The figures were reported by Comscore. “Black Adam” with $4.5 million, “Ticket to Paradise” with $3.2 million, “Lyle, Lyle Crocodile” with $1.9 million and “Smile” with $1.2 million stood out on the list.

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