Oleksandr Usyk cries when remembering his father after beating Fury and becoming undisputed champion – La Opinion

Oleksandr Usyk cries when remembering his father after beating Fury and becoming undisputed champion – La Opinion

Oleksandr Usyk became the undisputed heavyweight champion after beating Tyson Fury last Saturday in Saudi Arabia and, in the midst of celebrating his historic achievement, The Ukrainian remembered his late father and could not hold back his tears.

In the press conference after the fight with Fury, Usyk expressed that his father – who died in 2012 – perhaps was present in the press room with him after his great achievement and he assured that he misses him.

“I miss my dad. The last time he visited me was in a dream. I said, ‘Hey, listen. You live there, I live here.’ Please don’t come for me. I love you. For me It’s difficult when my father appears because I remember him all my life. “I know he’s here, maybe sitting there,” she said.

The Ukrainian made it clear that after being crowned undisputed champion for the second time in his career in a different division, a feat that only he and Terence Crawford have achieved, now He just wants to rest and be with his family. because during the time he was preparing for the fight he missed many moments.

“My camp started in September 2023, November, December, I worked for nine months. I missed New Year’s, my son’s birthday, my other son’s birthday, I missed my daughter’s birthday, I missed my daughter’s birth. I missed all the family vacations, all the time training. My focus was just this fight, now I’m happy to come home“, he claimed.

Oleksandr Usyk began by losing the fight with Tyson Fury, who kept him at bay in the first half due to his great reach, mobility in the ring and with body blows. In the second part of the fight, The Ukrainian was gaining confidence and in the ninth he almost knocked out the English fighter. After the 12 rounds, two judges saw the European as the winner 115-12 and 114-113, while the third scored 113-114 for The Gipsy King.

Oleksandr Usyk nearly knocked out Tyson Fury in the ninth round of the fight where he became undisputed heavyweight champion. Photo: Francisco Seco/AP.

An undisputed heavyweight champion has not been proclaimed for 19 years.the last to do so was Lennox Lewis, but now Usyk was able to join the history of the category by winning the four titles after a close fight with Tyson Fury.

Oleksandr Usyk, 37, He was crowned undisputed heavyweight champion after a close fight with Fury in Saudi Arabia. The Ukrainian remains immaculate after 22 fights, 14 of them on the fast track.

For his part, Tyson Fury, 34, was defeated for the first time by Usyk in a unification duel. The Gipsy King now He has a record of 34 victories, 24 by knockout, one setback and one draw.

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