One goal was enough for América to leave Chivas on the way to the final 1-0 – La Opinion

One goal was enough for América to leave Chivas on the way to the final 1-0 – La Opinion

The Águilas del América scored a goal through Ismael Reyes and that was enough for them to advance to the grand final of the Clausura 2024 tournament by defeating Chivas del Guadalajara 1-0, in a duel that was due to their semi-final hierarchy, but that worked perfectly for Americanist interests to place for the second consecutive time in the anteroom of the Mexican soccer champion title.

A result that left a bad taste in the mouths of the Guadalajara fans, especially because they died for nothing, suffering from the evil that accompanied them throughout the season such as the lack of goals and where América, by planting its lines well and closing the circuits that prevented the Guadalajara team from causing damage to the Águilas goal defended by Luis Malagón.

It will remain in the conscience of the coach of the “Sacred Flock”, the Argentine Fernando Gago, not to bet with more time on the court for the team’s top star Javier “Chicharito” Hernándezbecause with his mere presence he undoubtedly generated concern in the American defense instead of what the speed and youth of Ricardo Martín could not provoke in his adversaries.

All of these factors worked in favor of the squad led by Brazilian André Jardine, who did not hesitate to rely on the experience of Julián Quiñones from the beginning of hostilities. and with that always generate nervousness in the Chivas lower team.

The two football styles caused the forces to be neutralized and the match to have little brilliance in the 90 minutes, perhaps with greater intensity after Ismael Reyes in the 59th minute put the Americanists ahead on the scoreboard and with this they took full control of the actions, then They forced Chivas to have to think about scoring two goals to reach the grand final.

André Jardine’s Águilas knew how to play with the red and white desperation, but that does not mean that this team has lost quality, and an example of this is that they advanced in this Liguilla with the minimum and it was enough for them to achieve their interests in a low quality game football, where the fear of both teams made the actions full of anguish.

There were so many precautions that the only play of real danger was a shot against the crossbar by Roberto Alvarado in an error by Luis Malagón and Igor Lichnovsky, which allowed the red and white striker to hit the ball with his first intention. to shake the crossbar in a real scare for the Americanists.

The only dangerous play in the entire first half was an error by the American defense that ended up at the feet of Piojo Alvarado and who ended up crashing the ball into the crossbar. of the arch of Luis Ángel Malagón.

Imago 1518905
Jesús Orozco puts his leg hard against the Chilean Diego Valdés in one of the passages of the duel between América vs. Chivas and where the American team took the victory. Photo:Etzel Espinosa/Imago7.

For the second half, with the need for goals, Chivas coach Fernando Gago had no choice but to use Cade Cowell and Chicharito Hernández, but they did not solve anything, they simply caused a crowd in the attack. without America’s bottom team going through real dangers.

It was then that América’s goal in the 59th minute by Ismael Reyes practically ended the game, as Chivas sank into the limbo of despair and not even with the entry of more people on the offensive. how Ronaldo Cisneros made things change, placing América in another final and on the threshold of the two-time championship in the Liga MX.

Imago 1519018
Cade Cowell and Ismael Reyes engaged in a good duel, where in the end América got the better of it. Photo:Rafael Vadillo/Imago7.

The reality is that Chivas paid dearly for not having a powerful offensive, because now many people will be able to say that “Chicharito” would have made a difference, but the reality is that not even with him things would have changed, because when America decided to close the game, He did it with all the champion experience that precedes him.

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