One more Simpsons prediction?  Bad Bunny also threw Homer’s cell phone

One more Simpsons prediction? Bad Bunny also threw Homer’s cell phone

The singer Puerto Rican, Bad Bunnywas in the eye of the hurricane a few days ago at controversy that starred with a fan who snatched the cell phone and threw it away owner.

Through social networks a video was released in which Benito is appreciated as he walks surrounded by a group of admirersamong them a woman who was recording herself with the Puerto Rican, who invaded the singer’s space by putting her cell phone in his face, which provoked his anger, so he threw the phone away.

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After the moment some voices can be heard they confront the singer for what he had just done, like some asking that your space be respected.

For his part, he Bad bunny defended himself with a message through his account Twitter in which described the moment and the discontent by the action of the fan.

“The person who approaches me greet mea tell me something, or just knowing me, you will always receive my attention and respect. those who come to make me a bastard phone in the face it I will consider as what it is, a lack of respect and I will treat it likewise”, he assured.

Did the Simpsons do it again?

After the video of Bad Bunny throwing the cell phone went viral, the fans of the family of Springfield It didn’t take them long to connect the fact with the classic phrase “The simpsons They did it again”, assuring these that they predicted the singer’s action.

And it is that on December 24, 2021, the Puerto Rican premiered a video of his song I wish you the best, in which the simpsonswhich have 101 million 660 thousand 308 visits and more than 2.6 millions of likes.

in said Video Marge, Bart and Lisa wait for Homer for Christmas dinner, but he arrives without taking his eyes off his cell phone and spends his time handing out likes to photographs of other people having dinner. Marge gets angry and tells him “Someday, Homer simpsonsyou will look up from that phone and we’ll be gone.”

Homer gets angry and while watching the TVhis cell phone is downloaded and that is when the Bad bunny comes out of the screen singing “Wish you all the best“, While Homer he realizes that his family is gone.

It wanders around Springfield until you get to a concert Bad Bunnywhere the singer goes up to Marge to the stage and makes Homer ask forgiveness, giving out the cell phone to the Puerto Rican.

This is where fans of the simpsons relate what happened to the fan to which he took the phonewell Benedict take the cell phone HomerHe throws it to the ground and steps on it until it breaks.

The video ends with Homer Y Marge kissing at the sight of Bad Bunnywho says goodbye and returns to television.


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