One Piece Film Red Movie Receives Prestigious Award In Japan

One Piece Film Red Movie Receives Prestigious Award In Japan

The stereo of the movie One Piece Film Red received the Distinguished Service Award of President of the Japan Film Academy the January 11, 2023after they will reveal who the coveted ones are destined for special prizes and being this the highest award among them.

The selection committee of the Japan Film Academy it awards these special prizes to those who believe they have contributed greatly to the medium of Japanese cinema. The President’s Distinguished Service Award It is awarded to an individual or group whose work helped a film achieve outstanding box office performance in the past year. On this occasion, the music team that gave success to One Piece Film Red.

Among the other honorary awards that were bestowed were background artist to Shōhei Kawamoto for the movie Doraemonthe special prize of the Association category, President’s Special Merit to Shunya Ito for the movie Lupine III: Farewell to NostradamusY Posthumous Special Award of the President category for Kazuki Omori who was the director and screenwriter of tokusatsu.

Japan Academy Film Prize

However, all these awards have not yet been delivered because it was only revealed who they are for, since the formal ceremony will be held at the 46° Japan Academy Film Award will take place on March 10th and each of the special prizes will be awarded in conjunction with the main prizes, including the picture of the year and the animation of the year.

One Piece Film Red Visual

The movie One Piece Film Red opened in theaters in Japan on August 6, and arrived in Latin American theaters on November 3 thanks to the distributor Diamond Films.

uta is a new character introduced in the film, being played by kaori nazuka ( Akame ga Kill!, FMAB, Eureka Seven, etc.) and by the singer ado in the music part. You can read the full review of this movie here. (Watch out for spoilers.)

Staff Members:

  • Eiichiro Oda serves as executive producer
  • Goro Taniguchi is in charge of directing the film
  • Tsutomu Koriwa is in charge of writing the scripts of the film
  • masayuki sato is in charge of the character design for the film
One Piece Film Red Visual

Synopsis for One Piece Film Red:

Uta, the most beloved singer in the world. Her voice, with which she sings while hiding her true identity, has been described as “otherworldly.” She will appear in public for the first time in a live concert. As the venue fills with all sorts of Uta fans: excited pirates, the Navy watching her closely, and the Straw Hats led by Luffy who have simply come to enjoy her resounding performance, the voice the whole world has been listening to. waiting is about to resonate. The story begins with the shocking fact that she is “Shanks’s daughter.”

One Piece Illustration Min

the manga one piecewritten and illustrated by Eiichiro Odabegan its publication in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump from the publisher Shueisha since July 1997. The manga has 103 compiled volumes published in total and a few days ago it was reported that the work exceeded 500 million copies in circulation.

On October 20, 1999, the manga one piece It would premiere an anime adaptation that is currently still on the air and is made up of 14 films, different OVAs and specials. the animation studio Toei Animation is in charge of producing the anime under the direction of konosuke uda.

Alphabetplays One Piece 1 151217

synopsis of One Piece:

Wealth, fame, power… one man had obtained everything in this world, he was the King of the Gold Roger Pirates. Before he died his last words inspired the world to venture into the sea: «My treasure? If you want it, it’s yours… I’ve hidden everything in that place». And so began what is known as the Great Age of Piracy, launching hundreds of pirates into the sea to find the great treasure One Piece.

This series recounts the adventures and misadventures of one of those pirates, Monkey D. Luffy, who accidentally ate a Devil Fruit (Akuma no Mi in Japanese) as a child, in particular a Gomu Gomu no Mi that made his body gain the physical properties of rubber, becoming the rubber man. Luffy, after said event, decides that he will become the next King of the Pirates and for this, he must find the “One Piece”.


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