Opinion: El Tricolor and Martino, a 15-month-old controversy that does not contribute anything beneficial – La Opinion

Opinion: El Tricolor and Martino, a 15-month-old controversy that does not contribute anything beneficial – La Opinion

It is not the first time nor will it be the last that the flame of controversy is lit within the Mexican team. Now it was because the statements of Edson Álvarez, Andrés Guardado and Hirving “Chucky” Lozano about the attitudes and decisions of the Argentine coach Gerardo “Tata” Martino in the months leading up to the 2024 World Cup in Qatar and during the World Cup, which led the Mexican team to one of its worst failures in the history of the World Cup.

After more than 15 months of the events, it seems to me that any claim lacks support and what was said by the aforementioned Mexican players is more of a complaint than something that can give them certainty or tools in the future to walk towards the success that the players expect. Mexican fans, hungry for glory.

With this, one runs the risk of being questioned about a possible inclination in favor of the methods that coach Martino used and that specifically led to a hopeless defeat against Argentina in Qatar.

Much more so when in Mexico and among Mexicans abroad – especially in the United States – it was expected that the Tricolor would at least put up a bigger fight against an adversary that seems to have taken us as “sons.” In 12 matches in official competitions, eight are victories for the Albiceleste, with three draws and only one Mexican victory: in the Copa América in Peru with a great goal from Ramón Morales.

Mexico's head coach Gerardo Martino, right talks with Hector Herrera during a training session in Jor, Qatar, Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2022. (AP Photo/Moises Castillo)
Gerardo Martino chats with Héctor Herrera in Qatar. The coach’s decision to field the veteran midfielder instead of Edson Álvarez still resonates in Mexican soccer. /Photo: Moisés Castillo/AP

Statements out of place

Specifically, Edson Álvarez’s statements about his previous good relationship with Gerardo Martino and that in the end that did not qualify him to be taken into account for the duel against Argentina, should have been made at the time.

Because if Edson, upon finding out that he would not be taken into account to play against the Argentines, had opened “Pandora’s Box” and revealed his disagreement publicly, perhaps at this moment we would be talking about a different story.

Obviously that Edson Álvarez, if he had dared to publicly demand the decision to be left out of the starting team, would have had to face the consequences of his attitude, such as being labeled a rebellious player.and that would not have contributed anything favorable to his incipient career in the Old Continent.

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Hirving “Chucky” Lozano was another of the selected players who complained about the treatment that coach Gerardo Martino gave them in the last World Cup process. Photo: José Luis Ramírez/Agencia Reforma

Even that would have set a dangerous precedent for the environment of the Mexican team, since any player, feeling that his interests were affected, could assume a similar attitude and create a dangerous environment for the interests of the Aztec team.

Many people say and the defender himself who currently plays for West Ham United believes that with his presence on the field, Messi would not have been able to achieve that shot in the 67th minute after catching Héctor Herrera off guard. That play changed the course of the crucial match at the Lusail Stadium.

Because we cannot be sure that another type of discipline, and not the military one that Andrés Guardado and Hirving Lozano have complained about as one of the causes of the group losing confidence in “Tata” Martino, would have given results to avoid the World Cup catastrophe in 2022.

That is, these types of statements must be made at the time. But, They become urban legends and only contribute to igniting controversy and reviving things that today are distractors from the true face shown by the Aztec team.which this Sunday will compete for the 2024 Nations League title against its bitter rival the United States.

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