Overwatch 2: The beautiful Kiriko becomes real thanks to an AI

Overwatch 2: The beautiful Kiriko becomes real thanks to an AI

with the departure of Overwatch 2 About to turn one year old, we can say that the Blizzard Entertainment video game has maintained an aspect of the previous title, and that is that the new characters or heroes have become fan favorites, not only in the gameplay, but some have surprised with its design, being a clear example of this Kirikoa girl who was introduced in this title and who has become one of the main sources in recent times for the creation of all kinds of content with her as the main protagonist.

And it is that in this aspect what can be seen the most in this aspect are the illustrationsas the user purru published on the Pixiv artists page, where we can see Kiriko in a way rarely seen, and that is that they recreated her realistically, in a work that is also surprising for being made entirely by a Artificial intelligence.

Overwatch 2’s Kiriko becomes real thanks to an AI

Overwatch 2: Beautiful Kiriko Becomes Real Thanks To An AI

This new image will surprise the most fans of Overwatch 2 and of the saga in general, not only for recreating one of the newest “waifus” as it is Kirikopresented in the last title, but rather recreates it in a realistic way, bringing it a little closer to our reality, in a work carried out by Artificial Intelligence that surprises for the quality it possesses, especially when it comes to showing us the beauty of the character. and that does complete honor to it.

In the image we can appreciate different aspects that Kiriko and that they are recreated in such a way that it is so similar that it will satisfy a large part of the players. First of all, we appreciate her clothes, and although they are not exactly the same as we know in Overwatch 2What we can say is that the essence of the accessories is such that they are very reminiscent, it is even designed in such a way that Kiriko’s body can stand out more in key areas. And secondly, we see that the physical and easy features of the character are very good, especially in the area of ​​the thighs or the bust, which stand out in a great way in this work.

On the other hand, the setting also contributes a lot and that is that following the oriental aesthetic of the character, we see her in different buildings that maintain this theme, along with different pink flowers that give the work itself a more beautiful air. To support the creator, don’t forget to like his content and share it so that he continues to bring more of these works in the future.


Kiriko is one of the newest girls in the hero squad that has Overwatchbut in the same way she became one of the favorites of the community, not only because of her role as a healer within the games, but also because of her undoubted beauty that placed her in the highest positions of popularity, something interesting if we take into account that within From the Overwatch saga there are some of the most recognized “waifus” in the world of video games such as D.Va or Widowmaker, for which their success with the community is most remarkable.

Overwatch 2 is the continuation of one of the most popular shooters out there, in which players must team up with four or five other players to face other players in different online combat modes, where each character will have a different role on the field of battle and a good coordination in the team will be vital to obtain the victory. The game is available for free for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.

Overwatch 2: Beautiful Kiriko Becomes Real Thanks To An AI

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