Pachuca players complained to referees after losing against América;  they made money gestures – La Opinion

Pachuca players complained to referees after losing against América; they made money gestures – La Opinion

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The Azteca Stadium experienced one of the most emotional and heated nights of the match between América and Pachuca as part of the quarterfinals of the Clausura 2024 tournament of the Liga MX, a match that will be remembered for the controversies that accompanied the 90 minutes of play, to the point that the players themselves did not hesitate to make gestures that They suggested that the arbitration panel was being paid, something that could cost them some type of sanction.

From the beginning of the match, both teams entered the playing field with a clear mission to prevail over each other, dominate the match and advance to the round. However, it was the Tuzos del Pachucha who managed to open the scoring in the 31st minute of play thanks to Oussama Idrissi, who was able to capitalize on a very serious defensive error by Jonathan Dos Santos and Igor Lichnovsky.

The goal took the tension and emotion of the complex that hosted the duel to other levels and also ruled the pace of the game, with an America that in the most desperate way possible sought equality and Pachuca defended itself with everything it had to avoid equality. However, fatigue was key as several Tuzos players were injured, which led coach Guillermo Almada to make changes and give way to young players on his squad in a very complicated and close match.

America’s agonizing tie came

América’s siege and its perseverance finally paid off and the reward came in the 94th minute of the match when Julián Quiñones managed to tie the match with a goal that, due to the criterion of position in the table, meant América’s ticket to the semifinals, but a score that would not be free of controversy and controversy.

The refereeing decisions were quite questioned by the players, coaching staff and fans, in addition to including plays where the lack of red cards and an alleged error in the goal play could be seen, all of this combined and completely ignited the animosity of those involved on the field of play and the stands.

The Pachuca players spoke

According to information released by ESPN, players such as Oussama Idrissi He expressed his annoyance and discontent with the refereeing, especially for the decisions made against Víctor Cáceres and the added time. The Venezuelan striker, Salomón Rondón He stated that he was very disappointed by the result, and urged that any questioning of the match be directed to the arbitration panel.

One who could not be missing was the coach of the Tuzos, Guillermo Almada, who also echoed the collective unrest in the team, and the team finally chose to be cautious with its post-match statements to avoid possible sanctions, but making clear its annoyance at the situation they experienced in the duel against América.

They confronted the referees face to face

The most tense moments came when a part of the Tuzos del Pachuca footballers They left the playing field towards the locker room where they found themselves facing the refereeing body and confronted them making gestures as if they had been given money in exchange for not seeing some fouls against Pachuca, attitudes that generated various opinions through the networks. social, but it is also expected that the Disciplinary Commission will take some type of action on the aforementioned to find out whether or not there will be any sanction to the club.

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