Paola Rojas captivates with her ‘meneíto’ of hips next to Karol Sevilla

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Paola Rojas is one of the most well-known and respected communicators in Mexico. thanks to the professionalism, charisma and ingenuity he has shown in the projects he has been a part of, two of them being “Netas Divinas” and his newscast “Al aire con Paola.

In fact, it was in the latter where the famous 45-year-old He gave a dance chair by showing his ‘forbidden’ steps in the company of the singer Karol Sevilla, who attended the morning show to promote her single “Dime dime”.

Through a short video published on her social networks, Paola Rojas showed off her dancing skills while performing a choreography with Emilio Osorio’s girlfriend.

In said audiovisual, the journalist can be seen dressed in an animal print maxi dress and ankle boots, while Karol Sevilla opted for a set of skirt and crop top in black and white.

both famous they moved their hips and followed a daring choreography to the rhythm of the singer’s new songwhich is entitled “Dime dime” and was released on March 11 through all digital platforms.

Dozens of users did not hesitate to take up this video to share it through platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, so the comments were immediate: “Precious”, “The best”, “Karol my fav forever” and “I love them”, are some of the comments that are read under the publication.

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