Pascacio López is arrested, the actor of “Rosario Tijeras” is accused of sexual abuse

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Pascacio López has been detained in Mexico City and remains in a process bond hearing in Guadalajarawhere he was transferred, after an arrest warrant released by a control judge.

The actor, who has recently appeared for participating in productions such as “Guerra de Vecinos”, “40 y 20” and “Rosario Tijeras”, was denounced by the actress Sarah Nichols, who claims to have been raped by López and if elements are found to prove it, she could go to jail.

However, Pascacio had already been accused of violence by other actressessome were his partners and others worked with him.

Andrea Rodríguez, an ex-girlfriend of López, confessed that years ago she denounced him because he had allegedly sexually and physically abused her.

“I do it with fear, the truth is because it is true, I know that speaking today, he is going to do something. The first thing is that alcoholic or non-alcoholic he was always jealous, it’s real; He is an alcoholic and when he is drunk he is even more aggressive, he has an uncle who has a lot of power in Mexico and that supports him, “the woman told the Chisme No Like program.

In an interview with Ventaneando, Ivonne Montero pointed out that Pascacio López, her ex-partner and actress Iran Castillo, is a violent and jealous person.

“Indeed, there were details that cannot be overlooked and that were discussed at the time and happened again and the matter was becoming more and more delicate,” said the artist, adding: “Pascasio is a great person, but he has that little detail that has not been able to fix. He is jealous and became violent with me. He hurt me a lot because I was in love.”

Actress Vanessa Bauche also formally denounced workplace violence and harassment by Pascacio when they worked on Netflix’s “Guerra de Vecinos”.

Later, it was circulated that the actor also attacked Veronica Toussaint when they were dating, as a person close to the couple revealed anonymously that he saw the actress with a bloody face after an argument.

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