Pati Chapoy confuses the race against breast cancer with the “Pink Tide” march

Pati Chapoy confuses the race against breast cancer with the “Pink Tide” march

Pati Chapoy It became a trend on social networks and not precisely because of a comment on his entertainment program. On this occasion it was because the driver confused a women’s race against breast cancer with a march in support of the “Pink Tide”movement in support of the presidential candidate Xochitl Galvez.

On several occasions, the driver has made clear her position according to the politics in Mexicoso users were not surprised that from very early on he shared images related to the national movement that supports the candidates and candidates of the parties BREAD, PRD and PRI.

One of the first publications he shared was that of some bougainvilleas with the description “Viva México”, which many related to the manifestation of the opposition.

And although there were several Famous mexicans who also showed their support as the singer Marco Antonio Solis, Pati Chapoy He received more criticism for his mistake.

Pati Chapoy shares video unrelated to the “Pink Tide”

On her X account, the host shared a video in which a woman claims to be in Lisbon, PortugalIn front of one women’s race in favor of Xóchitl Gálvez.

“We meet here in Lisbon, in Portugal, with a pleasant surprise, a race for Xóchitl. All of Portugal supports Xóchitl and the “Pink Tide”, all the women in Lisbon vote for Xóchitl, up with Xóchitl!”, she says the woman in the video.

However, X users let Chapoy know the mistake by telling him that it is a fundraising race for the Portuguese Association to Support Women with Breast Cancerwhich was “evident” because the women who are dressed in pink have numbers on their shirts.

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“Liar, it’s a parade of women supporting cancer patients!” and “If you know that photo is for a walk for breast cancer, does everyone bring a number like any of those events?” are some of the comments.

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