Patricia Corcino says that Romeh was prohibited from sharing with her in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’ – El Diario NY

Patricia Corcino says that Romeh was prohibited from sharing with her in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’ – El Diario NY

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Patricia Corcinotelevision presenter, said that Rodrigo Romeh was prohibited from sharing with her on the reality show ‘The House of Famous People 4’from which it was eliminated a few weeks ago.

The Puerto Rican did a live broadcast in which she said that two people from the Tierra room told the Mexican not to share with her.

“They took him somewhere else, called him and forbade him, two people from his room, forbade him to share with me. So, obviously, after that, what was he going to do? I realized everything, I stayed silent, but he realized that I realized it and when he found the opportunity for me to be alone in the kitchen or in the gym, he tried on several occasions to let me know that it was for something else that distracted him,” he said.

The artist defined herself as an “old bitch” so she understands that there were insecurities on the part of some who did not let her share with him.

“It’s like insecurity”he claimed.

Given his message, which was somewhat surprising for many, there were many reactions from the public, some because they think that he wants to take advantage of the good moment that Romeh is going through, who would be among the first places on the reality show.

“He is keeping an eye on Romeh because he already knows about his fandom and that he will be among the winners. True or not, don’t pay attention to him. “She wants to be famous no matter what.” “I still don’t understand what the obsession is that all the women in that house have with Ariadna and the men with Romeh, I’m crazy, and as if Romeh in the 4 months that we’ve seen him we don’t know that he does have his own word and criteria. ”, some wrote.

Other messages that have been read are: “Are you saying that Romeh doesn’t have his own criteria? He is an adult, no one can prohibit him from doing anything… if Romeh had wanted to have a closer relationship with her, there would be no human power to prevent him from doing so.”

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