Paulina Rubio shows her leg while revealing how much she will earn in “Perrisimas” with Alejandra Guzmán

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The Mexican Pauline Rubio She is very happy and that is why she does not stop giving all her fans a hard time. Without fear of anything, “The Golden Girl of Mexico” opened her robe and showed her leg up making it clear that he is still simply spectacular at 51 years old. While and in parallel, the news of how much will he earn together with Alejandra Guzmán in “Perrisimas” Tour.

Up to the hip, Paulina Rubio opened her robe to tie her bikini and make it clear that he is in his best physical condition. At about the same time he revealed the income that the “Perrisimas” tour would supposedly leave him to the divas Pauline Rubio and Alejandra Guzman. In theory it would be almost a million dollars. Much less than what the Mexicans have previously harvested. But taking into account the time of the pandemic, the pause of the shows and the difficulty of the industry, it is quite reasonable.

More than 20 cities are the ones that will visit Pauline Rubio and Alejandra Guzman. Despite always being very demanding with their requirements, do not believe that they will charge what they are used to. According to El Mañana, the Mexicans will receive 20 million Mexican pesos, which translates into a million dollars. Nothing compared to the $500,000 dollars that Paulina allegedly charged per presentation, according to the Net Noticias México portal.

Video of Wow The Magazine.

Still, the public is eagerly awaiting the “Perrisimas” tour and are willing to pay to see the great divas of Mexico: Pauline Rubio and Alejandra Guzman. Here we leave you the program that they recorded a few days ago “La Noche” and that they will repeat through Univision.

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