Paulo Quevedo’s insult to Clovis Nienow that unleashed the fury of the member of the fourth Tierra – El Diario NY

Paulo Quevedo’s insult to Clovis Nienow that unleashed the fury of the member of the fourth Tierra – El Diario NY

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This Sunday’s positioning in ‘The House of Famous People 4’ had several clashes, which included a difference between Mexican actors Paulo Quevedo and Clovis Nienow.

“Clovis, well, my Clovis, I don’t support your departure, otherwise what a joke there would be. I still want to have fun with you, but I do have two doubts. First of all, two weeks have passed, of which I have wanted to implement empathy, education, throw two or three good days, but I have not been reciprocated. “I don’t know if there is anything out there that you don’t like about me,” Paulo Quevedo said at the beginning.

In addition to this, he commented: “On the other hand, I have also tried to interfere in conversations with you, but it has not exceeded more than five words. I would like to know, why are there restrictions? Why don’t they let us in? That way it would be more fun to get to know each other and then meet each other.”

Faced with the approach, Clovis Nienow said that his personality seemed false and that is why there has been no further approach. “I think you are a leader, but no, you are a manipulator. You enter the Water room telling them a few things, the Fire room telling them other things and that does not make a leader, a leader enhances the qualities of others, okay?”

Conflict in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’

In this sense, he added: “There is another thing that moves me there: you are obsessed with Lupillo.”

Clovis also stated: “The screen is not through Lupillo, people want to know you.”

Although in this part everything was going normally, Paulo Quevedo blurted out a phrase that sparked the annoyance of his colleague: “Behind those little blue eyes I thought you had balls.”

Upon hearing this, Clovis approached him face to face and said: “I have them here. Manipulator”.

Nacho Lozano had to intervene to separate them, because the situation was close to getting out of control, especially when Paulo launched another insult at his partner by saying “putit*”. This made the actor start shouting “manipulator”, “manipulator” to reject what happened.

What happened generated comments against Paulo Quevedo, since messages were read on social networks such as: “Paulo is a niche man, vulgar, poorly spoken,” “This man has some incredible problems with managing his anger,” “Like “They are giving a lot of importance to Mr. Paulo, he doesn’t even have support outside.”

Chiquis Rivera, Mexican singer, began her ‘Diamantes’ tour, with which she will bring her music to millions of fans in different cities in the United States.

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