PHOTO: Jennifer López looks unrecognizable when she shows herself “naturally” during an interview – El Diario NY

PHOTO: Jennifer López looks unrecognizable when she shows herself “naturally” during an interview – El Diario NY

Jennifer Lopez has once again shown himself in the most “natural” way possible during his most recent interview with the media The Hollywood Reporter. And following the release of his new album, “This Is Me…Now“, as well as the documentary that narrates its development, “The Greatest Story Love Never Told”, the one born in The Bronx has decided to leave the “filters” aside to show the fears of the woman behind the big star.

Due to the above, and as part of this “new stage” in her life, where she intends to show herself without the “glamour” that usually accompanies her, the actress also caused great commotion among her followers, and not so followers, by revealing her face without the characteristic makeup that she uses almost daily.

And although the use of other makeup elements, such as lip gloss, is notorious, the wife of Ben Affleck It looked almost unrecognizable to most users due to one particular factor: the absence of its well-known tabs.

Jennifer Lopez in an interview.
Jennifer López released her new album last February.
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Jennifer Lopez natural

In his participation with the media The Hollywood Reporterwhere she talks about her new album, released last February 16, the artist of Latin origin shows off a more “clean” and discreet look, composed of a black hat, a turtleneck as well as a pair of circular earrings that They give volume and presence to your face.

Matt Damon participating in a press conference.

However, the absence of the classic makeup with which the singer usually appears publicly caused, among her fans, a large number of reactions and comments pointing out the great change in the artist’s image.

And according to various users, Jennifer Lopez He looked totally different in the interview. There were even those who could not recognize her, in addition to mentioning that she “didn’t look very good.”

She looks unrecognizable without false eyelashes.”

Social media users

Despite the variety of derogatory criticisms regarding the appearance of the “On The Floor” performer, another large number of people did not miss the singer’s action for appearing naturally and without makeup.

Jennifer López does not stop working

After the release of her new album, the singer will continue her work through the new tape Netflix call Atlas. The feature film, which will be released on May 24 of this year, will see Jennifer become a data analyst, with deep distrust of Artificial Intelligence, who will have to “make use of” this technological resource to save humanity.

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