PHOTO: Nadia Ferreira denies rumors of a new pregnancy with Marc Anthony – El Diario NY

PHOTO: Nadia Ferreira denies rumors of a new pregnancy with Marc Anthony – El Diario NY

After revealing just a few days ago the first image of his first child, with the superstar Mark Anthonythrough his official Instagram account, Nadia Ferreira She used her social networks again to clarify another rumor that gained greater strength in recent weeks: a new pregnancy.

And according to various rumors and speculations by followers and fans of the Paraguayan, she had become pregnant again after giving birth to “Marquito” just a few months ago. It should be remembered that this series of speculations increased due to the variety of images that the same model uploaded in which she wore baggy clothing.

Similarly, comments about a new pregnancy took on greater relevance when the wife of Mark Anthony revealed a variety of changes to his diet and exercise routine. However, and despite the variety of rumors, it was Ferreira herself who clarified the situation with a simple photograph.

Nadia Ferreira is not pregnant

Through her official Instagram account, the Paraguayan published a series of photographs of herself with the message: “Let the vacation begin,” where she made it clear that her vacation period began in an unspecified place in Santo Domingo. Dominican Republic.

However, what was truly relevant about the publication were the images themselves, where “Marquito’s” mother appears wearing a dazzling bikini, but above all, a flat abdomen.

Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira posing.

The above, in addition to showing fans of Nadia Ferreria Her much admired figure also denied all rumors about a new pregnancy in the Paraguayan. Likewise, this publication clarifies that the model is focused on little “Marquito” as well as her family.

Nadia Ferreira enjoys her vacation

In addition to the publication where she denies all rumors of a new motherhood, Nadia Ferreira He also shared various photographs of his son inside the family’s private plane.

Nadia Ferreira and Marc Anthony posing.
Nadia Ferreira and Marc Anthony revealed their son’s face for the first time a few days ago.
Credit: Mezcalo

In this snapshot, the Paraguayan showed the little boy’s feet along with the phrase: “So much comfort here.” Likewise, in another fragment, her baby can be seen watching flamingos in what appears to be a private patio.

Finally, Nadia shared an image of a crystal-clear pool, which increased the rumors that the Paraguayan and “Marquito” are on the property. Mark Anthony called La Romana. It should be remembered that the family usually spends their vacations or enjoys special events at this property of the “Now Who” singer, as they did last New Year’s.

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