PHOTO: Sofía Vergara is accused of “exaggerating” in digital retouching and “deforming” people – El Diario NY

PHOTO: Sofía Vergara is accused of “exaggerating” in digital retouching and “deforming” people – El Diario NY

The recent participation of Sofia Vergaraas part of the judging panel for the new season of the program America’s Got Talent’has generated great controversy among fans of the show and the artist herself due to a series of photographs published by Vergara on his Instagram account.

It is worth mentioning that the Colombian made sure to show every moment of her appearance on the famous American show due to the large number of images she shared. However, it was a couple of images of the actress, in selfie format, that “scandalously” drew attention.

In these images, the interpreter of “Griselda” appears in the center of the image while in the background you can see the audience of the show. Despite the simplicity of the snapshot, a large number of users noticed that most of the faces of the people attending seemed to “melt” or even looked “deformed.”

What did people say about the images of Sofía Vergara?

After the viralization of the images of Sofia Vergaraa large number of users pointed out that the people behind the Latina even look like “zombies” from the famous series “The Walking Dead.”

Given these obvious images, the majority of users of various social networks pointed out that the reason for this “effect” on people was the “excess” of filters or digital retouching by the Colombian actress.

Sofia Vergara posing on a red carpet.

With comments like: “Beautiful, but what about the people in the back”, “very pretty and all, but what about those zombie people in the back?”, “what is happening with the people in the back, how terrifying”, people don’t could stop pointing out what Vergara did in her images.

It should be noted that in the rest of the actress’s images on her Instagram account, people’s faces look normal. However, this, according to various users, would be due to the fact that these photographs were taken by the Colombian’s image team, contrary to the selfies that she herself captured and modified.

Sofia Vergara posing.
Sofia Vergara recently divorced Joe Manganiello.
Credit: Mezcalo

After the viralization of these photographs and the excessive retouching, the singer has not provided any statement or comment regarding this matter.

It is worth mentioning that the Colombian was strongly criticized in previous weeks because she “left out” her compatriot from her list of the women she most admires, on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Shakiraand including her co-star in “Griselda” to Karol G.

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