PHOTO: The act of a man who carried his father for six hours to take him to vaccinate against COVID is moving

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The image of a An inhabitant of the Amazon jungle who traveled six hours to carry his father on his back to a vaccination base moved thousands of users, who described the event as an “act of love”

According to local media, the person’s name is Tawy Zoé, who showed the immense love he has for his father, because he did not care about the distance and carried him for six hours to receive his first dose of vaccine against COVID and six others to return him home.

The moment was captured by the neurosurgeon and indigenous health expert in the Amazon, Erik Jennings, who shared the image on Instagram, creating a wave of reactions that applauded the gesture.

“The highlight of 2021. Tawy Zoé taking her father Wahu Zoé for the first COVID-19 vaccine. He carried his father for 6 hours inside a forest with hills, streams and obstacles to our base. After the vaccination, he put his father back on his back and walked another 6 hours to his village, “he described in the photo.

The year 2022 arrives, and no case of COVID-19 has been registered in the population of Zoé”, He concluded.

In the picture, it is observed how Zoé improvised a “chair” to carry Wahu on his back, with part of the support on his head, regardless of the dangers that lurk in a jungle.

The image, at times, made us forget the explosion of those infected with COVID-19, which also coincides with outbreaks of the H3N2 virus that have put the country’s health systems in crisis.

It should be remembered that Brazil exceeds 22,000,000 positives since the pandemic began and an estimated nearly 620,000 deaths from COVID-19.

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