PHOTOS of the hospital where Fernando Colunga’s son was born via cesarean section are revealed

PHOTOS of the hospital where Fernando Colunga’s son was born via cesarean section are revealed


Everyone was surprised by the news that Fernando Colunga he had become a dad along with the actress Blanca Sotowith whom he has had a romance for years. In the last few hours, the name of the place where the couple had their son was announced. baby via cesarean section and photos were revealed of what the hospital located in Florida, United States, looks like, the site that both actors chose to welcome their son.

The love life of Fernando Colunga58, has always caused interest and a lot of curiosity because the Mexican actor has been linked to several beautiful women over the last few years, including Thalía and Aracely Arámbula, with whom he starred in successful soap operas. His love story with Blanca Soto45 years old, began in 2012 when they both coincided in the melodrama “Porque el amor manda.”

Since then, they were romantically linked and the spotlight has been on them, searching for images and statements from the couple, without them speaking about it clearly, since Fernando Colunga has done everything possible to keep his personal life private. , so it does not share a single detail. But a national magazine announced this week that the soap opera heartthrob had become a father, since he had a baby with Blanca Soto.

Photo: Televisa

One of the first details that were revealed was that the couple’s baby was born in the United States, that Blanca Soto had a cesarean section to reduce the risk of complications due to her age, and that the hospital doctors had to sign a contract agreement. confidentiality so that they would not reveal anything about the birth of their son. But it was the Chisme No Like program that gave more details about it and showed the photos of the place where Fernando Colunga’s baby was born.

Fernando Colunga and Blanca Soto: This is the hospital where their son was born | PHOTOS

Fernando Colunga and Blanca Soto they had their baby via cesarean section at the HCA Florida Mercy hospital, an exclusive medical center in the state of Florida, in the United States. According to what was revealed in Gossip No Like, both actors were treated by the director of the hospital on February 29, 2024, which was when they arrived at the facilities, with a group of bodyguards, who took care of them at all times.

Photo: Gossip No Like

Also, they revealed that Blanca Soto gave birth through a cesarean section and that it was Colunga who cut the umbilical cord of the babywhich weighed 2,200 grams and measured 43 centimeters; The surgery lasted 55 minutes and during it the actor was present taking photos to capture every moment. Once she finished the operation, the actress was transferred to one of the hospital rooms that are considered the most expensive. The couple was discharged on March 3.

Photo: Gossip No Like

Another detail that they mention in Gossip No Like is that the relationship between Fernando Colunga and Blanca Soto would be arranged, that is, there would be no sentimental bond involved, they just agreed that they would have a baby together. This information has not been confirmed or denied by both celebrities, but it is expected that over time the situation will become clearer, because they have kept their alleged relationship private.

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