PHOTOS: This is what Belinda, Diego Boneta and Luis Gerardo Méndez look like in Paco Stanley’s series – El Diario NY

PHOTOS: This is what Belinda, Diego Boneta and Luis Gerardo Méndez look like in Paco Stanley’s series – El Diario NY

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Roberto Duarte, Belinda, Diego Boneta, Luis Gerardo Mendez and Zuria Vega They are part of the cast of the series Who Killed Him?, from Prime Video, which will address the mystery of the presenter’s murder Paco Stanleyand after several months of speculation about their roles in the production, the first glimpses of the characters have been revealed.

It was through the magazine Who that the first images of the cast featured for this series were published, surprising with the presence of Duarte in the role of Stanley, and not with Boneta as had been the rumors.

“It was building the role with all the respect that must be built for a legend. When you are going to play a character you always get excited, but when you are going to play a character that you know is anchored in the collective imagination of an entire country, it puts you in charge of an epic undertaking. It was necessary to create that extraordinary angel that connected that individual with an entire nation,” confessed Roberto Duarte.

Wearing a completely blonde wig, Belinda posed like Paola Durantethe model who was accused of the murder and who spent time in jail until she proved her innocence. According to the singer, this character required a peculiar way of speaking when interpreting it.

“Something funny happened to me: I got so involved that I was even talking like Paola a month later.”

“I am very empathetic with Paola. I think she suffered a lot. Since we started reading the scripts you realize how difficult life is. In the end, what she liked was doing soap operas, she always did castings, but no one took her seriously for many characters. We see a very suffering Paola, with many shortcomings, with much pain and with many dreams“, Belinda shared.

Luis Gerardo Méndez plays Mario Bezaresa character he presents through a wardrobe characterized by his elegant brown suit, with a colorful tie and sometimes with a more casual style when it was not about appearing on Stanley’s show.

“It is a very dark, complex, human, very painful story, but it has all the sense of humor that these characters had on the screen and in life. “Mario is the story of the sad clown, an archetype that we see many times, I would even say in ‘Joker,’” Méndez commented on his character.

With a radical change in his hairstyle and dark suit, Diego Boneta plays the journalist Jorge Gil. Stanley’s famous colleague who ended up being the only witness to the driver’s murder.

The cast is completed by El Cha!, actor and musician from bands such as Fobia and Moderatto, in the role of Benito Castro and Zuria Vega, acting as Mario Bezares’ wife, Brenda.

The series will have a format in which each episode will show the perspective of each character on the tragedy that occurred on June 7, 1999. As of now, there is no fixed release date.

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