Photos: Woman seduces man on social networks, locks him up and leaves him without a car

mujer roba auto Monterrey

A Mexican man thought he had found the love of his life, a woman theft more than the heart, she first seduced him through social media and once they had their first date, she took his car in Monterrey, in the border state of Nuevo León, in Mexico. The story and the images of the vehicle that the police managed to recover immediately went viral.

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The first reports indicate that the young woman and the affected person went to his house, which she took advantage of to leave him locked up, steal his car and other belongings. Subsequently, the elements of the State Investigation Agency (AEI) They conducted a search of a vehicle and parts sale and purchase business, where they found the stolen unit.

The Mexican authorities warned about the increase in robberies with the same modus operandi, attractive girls and boys who seduce other people in order to deceive them to strip them of their belongings, even committing express kidnapping with more serious consequences.

Recommendations to get scammed during dates

They recalled that social networks in themselves do not represent a risk if used in a responsible way, but you must refrain from disclosing personal data to avoid being victims of crime and closing the doors to modern criminals. Here are some keys to take precaution:

-Be careful with the information you provide online

-Be careful not to contact strangers

-Do not access claims that expose your security

-Your password and username are personal, for no reason do you provide them to unknown or known people

-Don’t go on dates with people you just met on the internet

Figures from the Nuevo León Prosecutor’s Office reveal that car theft reached its highest level in the last three years, only in the month of October 2021 it registered 3,158 complaints, this means that 10 units were taken a day.

Another fact of the authorities local authorities, until October the number of this crime was 24 percent higher than that registered in 2020, when 2,549 cases were documented.

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