Piece of wood used in the film “Titanic” is auctioned

Piece of wood used in the film “Titanic” is auctioned

If you have come this far you will surely wonder why they auctioned off a simple piece of wood that was seen in the “Titanic” movie, but the reality is that that panel belongs to the controversial scene where Jack saves Rose by having her on top of it; Here we give you more details.

We know that you are thinking that this piece of wood has sparked several controversies among Internet users. You may be from the team that thinks that Jack could have climbed up and saved himself, or you might be one of those who think that the wood would have sunk, however, you are a “lucky one.” It can be made from that iconic wood that divided opinions.

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Media reported that the wood was auctioned for $718,750, surpassing other iconic movie objects, such as the Indiana Jones whip.

Heritage Auctions He was the one who organized the auction from March 20 to 24 of this year, where they also published the ax used in the film “The Shining”, however, the most requested was the wooden board.

Local media reported that bidding for the piece of wood began at $40,000,000, with at least 1,600 objects belonging to movies from 1980 to 2000.

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If possible, would you have bought an item like these?, and what do you think about the controversy generated by the piece of wood.


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