Play in Mexico? The president of LaLiga opened the possibility of playing matches on Mexican soil


The football market Mexico is one of the most important in America, allowing the major European soccer leagues to reach a place that allows many profits and for the president of the The league, Javier Thebesthe possibility of playing a Spanish soccer game on Mexican soil would not be ruled out.

Although one of LaLiga鈥檚 original plans was to play matches in the United Statesdue to business and team ties, a legal dispute with the Spanish Football Federation did not allow them to pursue the idea of 鈥嬧媏xpanding into that market.

Of course we would like to take a game to Mexico, it is a great market for us not only in terms of followers but also in audiovisual value, we have grown by 60 percent. The moment we win the lawsuit that lets us go, changes the federation鈥檚 opinion or changes the president of the Federation, it will be within our possibilities to go to Mexico鈥, commented Javier Tebas.

Spain and Italy expanded their cup tournaments to other countries

The Spanish football and the footballhe Italian began a process of expansion outside its borders to play matches in countries such as Saudi Arabia and China. However, the legal dispute between LaLiga and the Spanish Football Federation generates certain inconsistencies due to the fact that they prohibited playing a league match in the United States, but the Spain Supercup to be held in recent years on Saudi soil, to be a federated tournament like the Copa del Rey.

In the Italian case, the A series had a plan that was not entirely successful with the SuperCoppa disputed in China, generating discord in the fans because the match arrived at a place that, in their opinion, has no connection with the country.

France is the only country that has matches in 鈥渙verseas territories鈥

The French Cup It is one of the tournaments that is played on all continents, due to the registration of professional and amateur teams in all the territories under French rule, where participants can play matches on two or more continents.

Despite the fact that they travel to several countries, the bulk of the tournament is played on French soil and with the final in Paris.

The French Super Cup It has had editions outside of French territory consecutively since 2009, being disputed on all continents. Precisely, the first edition was held in Canada and the following countries that received the pledge were Tunisia, Morocco, United States, Gabon, Austria, Israel and China in three editions.

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