Player suffered a severe seizure in the Boca Juniors vs Estudiantes match and was taken away by ambulance – La Opinion

Player suffered a severe seizure in the Boca Juniors vs Estudiantes match and was taken away by ambulance – La Opinion


One of the most regrettable and sad episodes, full of a lot of intrigue and despair, occurred 27 minutes into the game. of the first half of the match that took place as part of the League Cup between Estudiantes and Boca Juniors, a duel that until that moment was being quite attractive until the player Javier Altamirano fell to the grass with a seizure at the UNO Jorge stadium Luis Hirschi.

Santiago Ascacibar immediately let the situation be known, he supported him in the same way as Enzo Pérez and they began to quickly request medical assistance due to the desperation of teammates, rivals and fans from the stands. An ambulance also arrived promptly to take the player urgently to the Platense Medical Center, amidst the crying of several of the players who, helplessly, could not do anything.

Shares were suspended

The game was suspended and there were many minutes of uncertainty among which the visiting team He made the decision to retire to the locker room before the final decision of the head referee, Fernando Echenique. Claudio Tapia, president of the AFA, communicated to request the definitive suspension if the player was at risk in terms of health issues and the mood in the environment was not the best to continue the match.

“He is conscious,” they let it be known in the official transmission, based on the first information. that were made known. At the same time, through loudspeakers, they notified the Estudiantes public of the situation.

Subsequently, Echenique summoned captains José Sosa and Edinson Cavani and gave the power to the homeowner to decide whether the match was still on or not.

Complicated moments for Altamirano’s colleagues

“It’s very difficult, you entered the locker room and the boys were crying, it’s very loved.”“His wife is pregnant and in the audience, luckily she is already with him,” Domínguez confessed what the team experienced, something that could be seen, especially Enzo Pérez, one of the references, who could be seen disconsolate over the problem of health of your teammate.

“It was just, there was no hit, nothing. Now he is stable, they stabilized him, it was hard, due to desperation in the face of an emergency, kids crying and anguished in the locker room, nobody knows anything, and everyone shouts and it seems that someone wants to take advantage… And it wasn’t like that, now it’s stable. Now studies will be carried out and we will see why that happened,” commented the technical director.

“We talked about it in the locker room, Estudiantes is a family, someone of ours is sick and we have to be there. I don’t know how much we can help, but the group is moved, in shock, some with anger or sadness. We must thank the Boca doctors, who immediately made themselves available. We have to value that, we have to show solidarity and I think that Boca did it, knowing that the agenda is going to be tightened secondarily, it will be more than necessary, but in that sense I want to highlight that Boca was always available,” highlighted Domínguez, who He also reported that the team will be in the hospital closely monitoring Altamirano’s medical evolution.

The journalist Morena Beltrán, from the Estudiantes stadium, handled information that after everything that happened, Altamirano had a CT scan and the result did not show any anomaly or anything that would compromise him. In addition, he confirmed that he will spend the night hospitalized and this Monday new studies will be performed to preserve his physical and medical integration.

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