Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Murder Pup is already banned

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Murder Pup is already banned

New news has been revealed to us about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and is that houndstone it’s banned from competitive play, due to a ridiculously powerful attack.

Murder Pup

For most, a new core game of Pokemonas in this opportunity it is Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, is an opportunity to fill out a Pokedex, battle in a series of gyms and enjoy watching your pack of friendly monsters evolve to glory. For a minority, it’s a new dawn in a fiercely competitive scene, as new pokemon gene 9 they are tested for their mettle in battle on stage. And it seems that Houndstone, the shape evolved of that good boy who drains life, Greavard, it has already found its way to the banned list.

It’s amazing how differently different players perceive Pokemon battles. For most, it’s a game of rock-paper-scissors, even the games in this franchise that went 3D, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet It is not the exception for many where you launch attacks from one side to another until you defeat the wild monster and move on. However, for those in the competitive scene, it’s a wildly complicated and elaborate endeavor, where intricate details overlooked by others can be of vital importance. And then, there are the Pokemon that, when played a certain way, break everything.

Murder Pup 2

Beside houndstone in this crime is fluttermane, a call Pokemon Paradox, an old relationship with misdreavus. as reported Game Rant, Flutter Mane it’s a Pokemon which simply ticks too many boxes to be a fair feature in battle. It is Ghost and Fairy, which limits it to only two weaknesses: Ghost and Steel: resistance to Bug and immunity to Fighter, Dragon Y Normal. On top of all that (which is enough), Flutter Mane also accumulates in Speed and Special Attack. It’s too much to be fun fighting him, and the Academy smogon, a primary resource for competitive Pokémon play, has voted to ban it.

Nevertheless, houndstone it’s even more extreme. While it boasts impressive attack and defense, the problem lies with its signature move, Last Respects. According to smogon, It’s a Pokemon they wouldn’t have given a second look to, or even considered for their list of “Overused” of the most played Pokemon, until it was noticed Last Respects.

Murder Pup 3

The strength of the attack appropriately morbid is based on how many other Pokemon in your party have already fainted, gaining 50 bp Besides 50 initials for each one. That means, as your last Pokémon on the team, it can hit enemies for an all-time high of 300 bp. smogon describe this as “unmanageable” and adds: “Even if there are a few Pokemon left, it can also have a 200 or 250 BP STAB move”.

I mean, it hits very, very hard, very fast, and there’s really nothing that can take it. As a result of his ways of spoiling the game, he received the banhammer. Bad Dog. There is a chance of repetition. If Last Respects be available for another Pokemon, as apparently suspected, then the specific movement will be prohibited and allowed to houndstone get out of the kennel.

About Pokemon Scarlet and Violet:

Welcome to the open world of the Paldea region

Catch, battle, and train Pokemon in the Paldea region, a vast land filled with lakes, mountaintops, wastelands, small towns, and large cities. Explore a completely open world at your own pace and soar across land, water, and air on the back of the Legendary Pokémon Koraidon, which can change forms into Scarletor about the legendary Pokémon Miraidon, which can change form into purple. Choose between Sprigatito, Fuecoco or Quaxly to be your first companion before embarking on your adventure through Paldea.

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