Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Tinkaton and his strange “hobby” for the Corviknight

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Tinkaton and his strange “hobby” for the Corviknight

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, titles belonging to the ninth generation of the franchise, have been in the news since their launch both for bugs, performance problems and graphical appearance as well as for their success being the “exclusive games for any console” best sellers in history with 10 million titles purchased in just 3 days. Today’s news is about tinkatonone of the new creatures released in this generation, and its strange penchant for attacking Corviknight for no reason.

What is the reason for this violent rivalry with the air knights?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Tinkaton vs. Corviknight

And it is that the rivalry between Pokemon is not something recent. Although it may seem unbelievable for several generations ago, creatures with natural rivalries have been introduced as if they were animals.

An example would be the case of heatmore Y Durant (belonging to the fifth generation) which emulate anteaters and ants respectively. Another would be zangoose Y Seviper since these have forms similar to mongooses and snakes, fierce rivals for many generations.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

But in the case of Tinkaton and the Corviknights the story is different, here there is no rivalry and only the former is described in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Pokédex as:

The main hobby of this Pokémon is stealing. He throws rocks into the sky with his almost 100 kilo hammer in order to blow up Corviknight. This is the reason why the Corviknights cannot provide taxi service in Paldea. Its natural predator would attack it while flying endangering the client.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

How could it be otherwise, the fans took this description well, creating a large number of memes and satires of all kinds about this rivalry.

Although it may seem like an attitude for no apparent reason… perhaps it is due to what this Pokemon experiences during its previous evolutions.

In the case of its first evolution, tinkatin she is harassed by other Pokemon who helplessly steal her little hammer. After her her second evolution tinkatuffhe changes his attitude being the creature that harasses and steals materials to grow his hammer and achieve his final metamorphosis.

That is why many agree with this change in personality of the Pokemon to one that is much more empowered but a bit violent.

And you… what do you think of this new creature?

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