“Pólvora de Ayer”, the new song by Christian Nodal and Residente would have a message dedicated to Belinda – El Diario NY

“Pólvora de Ayer”, the new song by Christian Nodal and Residente would have a message dedicated to Belinda – El Diario NY

The “quarrel” between Belinda and Christian Nodal It is far from ending or disappearing. And after the Mexican released her latest single, “Cactus”, which has been considered a clear “shoot” towards the singer’s ex-fiancé, is now Nodal who seems to take “revenge” with his latest song “Pólvora de Ayer”.

The song, released on February 22, is part of the Puerto Rican’s new album ResidentLetters Don’t Matter Anymore”, which is made up of 20 songs, compiled over the last seven years by the same singer such as “This Is Not America”, “René”, “ Quiero Ser Baladista”, among others.

Big names in Latin music also appear in the material, such as hip-hop pioneers Big Daddy Kane and Busta Rhymes, as well as reggaeton artists Vico C and Rauw Alejandro, Jessi Reyez and, the aforementioned, Christian Nodal.

Christian Nodal launches against Belinda?

Even though neither Christian Nodal either Resident have been talking about “Pólvora de Ayer”, a large number of followers of both stars, as well as of the same Belindahave speculated that the song would be a kind of “revenge” for the Mexican, who co-wrote the song with Residente, after “Cactus.”

The first verse of the song, performed by Nodalwould have a “hidden” message thanks to the phrase “I have gunpowder left from yesterday and today I’m here to shoot it.” These words, according to various users, could be a clear reference to Nodal’s feelings, and his version of events, after his breakup with Belinda and his recent “Cactus.”

Here there is no time to waste, here we came to take it Since you will never see me because I am going to untie myself I have gunpowder left from yesterday and today I am coming to shoot it I took flight and I am not going to let it down

Christian Nodal


It should be noted that after the release of the Mexican song, and given the variety of criticisms towards the Mexican, he has decided to remain silent. Even his current partner, cazzuhas thrown a couple of hints at the Spanish-born woman to criticize her actions and her song.

Cazzu and Christian Nodal posing on a red carpet.

Despite the above, the same Belinda recently stated that “Cactus” was made with all “respect and love”, and that its main objective was to show a kind of restart in personal and musical life.

Residente returns to the top of the music scene

In addition to his collaboration with Nodal, Resident included the single “Bajo Los Escombros”, by the Palestinian singer Amal Murkus, as part of her pro-Palestinian stance in the face of the country’s war with Israel.

Resident performing in a show.
Residente released his latest album on February 22.
Credit: Mezcalo

Likewise, and prior to the release of the album, Residente published the video for the single “313”, dedicated to his deceased friend, and which features the collaboration of the Oscar winner Penelope Cruz.

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