Pope Francis laments health inequalities and “lack of vaccines” in poor countries

Pope Francis gives a message for World Sick Day.

Pope Francis gives a message for World Sick Day.

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Pope Francis lamented the inequalities that exist in access to healthcare, especially in the poorest countries where “receiving adequate treatment is still a luxury”, and gave as an example “The lack of availability of vaccines” against COVID-19, in a message for World Sick Day.

“I am thinking above all of the inhabitants of the poorest areas of the planet, where sometimes you have to travel long distances to find health care centers that, despite having limited resources, offer everything they have at their disposal,” he said. Francisco.

In his speech, the pontiff thanked the local churches for their workBut he insisted that “there is still a long way to go to guarantee all sick people, especially in places and in situations of greatest poverty and exclusion, the health care they need, as well as pastoral accompaniment.”

On the occasion of World Sick Day, the Pope reminded all those sick that, “during this time of pandemic, they have lived in solitude of an intensive care unit the last stage of their existence ”without counting on their loved ones.

For this reason, he asked all health workers to take into account that “the patient is always more important than his illness and that is why each therapeutic approach cannot do without listening to the patient, his story, his anguish and his fears” .

Along these lines, Francisco stressed that “even when it is not possible to heal, it is always possible to care, comfort and make us feel a closeness that shows interest in the person rather than in their pathology.”

Finally, he stressed the importance of having the presence of witnesses of God’s charity who show the “mercy of the Father” to the sick and the health care centers opened by the Christian community.

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